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Club Penguin Treasure Book Catalog Cheats

Once again, Club Penguin have updated their Treasure Book, a book with exclusive clothes that you can only unlock if you have a specific coin code. Let’s take a look at this new Treasure book, which looks stunning in my opinion!

Club Penguin Treasure Book Catalog Cheats

To access the Club Penguin Treasure Book, click on the Treasure Chest or click on the book with the padlock printed on the front.

club penguin cheats

The first page of the book brings back old items from other treasure books, but they really look nice!

Club Penguin New Treasure Book

In the second page, we can view two new items, that are related to Card Jitsu. Does this mean Card Jitsu snow is coming soon?

Club Penguin New Treasure Book

The next page has some other items, that also look amazing. Check them out:

Club Penguin New Treasure Book

After that, we have some agent and modern clothing come back to the treasure book.

Club Penguin New Treasure Book

Finally, the last page of this brand-new Treasure Book has some very cool items, which I’ll make sure to get with a coin code!

Club Penguin New Treasure Book

Woah, I’m glad Club Penguin has brought back such items. This new book looks very cool! Club Penguin definitely deserves a special congratulations from all of us, thanks Club Penguin! What are your opinions on this? Leave a comment below and let us know.

351 comments to Club Penguin Treasure Book Catalog Cheats

  • Nikunj67

    it doesnt work lol

  • lapsis2

    i REALLY want the girl with the brown hair and the outfit it so cute! someone plz give me the code for it!

  • hkjjnjl

    ITS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I tried to get em` but you can`t well I can`t get em` at least.

  • me two I can`t get em` either!!Wow club penguin please let everyone have them!!

  • ariana

    what do i post on 3 pages

  • what if i don’t get it

  • manboy

    does it work

  • PeaceDaCat

    What if you don’t have the F numbers?


  • redspeckle35

    okay it worked

  • redspeckle35

    cp is awesome like me and subscribe

  • redspeckle35

    hi fans of cp

  • Hammer.Claw

    That 90000 coin thing and 20 item thing is obviously fake. If it was real, people would have been talking about it. You guys are gullible 😛

    • Ikr! Its just a thing somebody or somepenguin made up!

  • IT DIDN’T WORK!!! What am I doing wrong?

  • is there any way for it to work cause it’s never working for me when i tried 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999,9999999999999999.999999999999999999999999.0 times

  • Titaputty

    It doesnt tell any codes!

  • i know

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