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Gary Tracker

Gary the Gadget Guy is a Club Penguin mascot who has been roaming the island since way back in 2008, appearing twice or three times a year ever since. His first appearances were in Club Penguin missions.

Club Penguin Gary Tracker

Gary is the main scientist in Club Penguin, and has came up with hundreds of awesome inventions over his time. They have helped the island, saved Rockhopper and created lots of parties for us penguins to enjoy. Gary is a blue penguin, who always wears a white scientist jacket. Under the jacket is a blue shirt. He wears some glasses.
In 2012, Gary the Gadget Guy got a new look. Below is a comparison of new and old. On the left you can find the new Gary, the old Gary is on the right.


Below is the Club Penguin Gary Tracker. Click on the image, or click here to refresh the Gary Tracker.

gary Tracker

Here is the code to add this tracker to your site:

<a href="" title="Gary Tracker"><img src="" alt="Gary Tracker"></img></a>

Gary regularly changes servers, every few minutes in some cases. As a result, you must refresh the tracker as much as possible. If the tracker happens to not be up to date, check out the following servers as Gary prefers them:

  • Alpine
  • Rainbow
  • Sleet
  • Avalanche
  • Big Surf
  • Alaska
  • Abominable
  • Yeti (French)
  • Flocon (French)
  • Floco de Never (Portuguese)
  • Boreal (Portuguese)
  • Deu Branco (Portuguese)
  • Zero Grau (Portuguese)
  • Yeti (Portuguese)

Below we have an image of Gary the Gadget Guy’s latest playercard. This picture was taken during the Prehistoric Party 2013.


Below are many tips to find Gary on Club Penguin:

1. The Gary tracker above is highly accurate and updates the room and server Gary was last seen in. Click here to refresh the Gary tracker!

2. Gary usually logs into the crowded servers during peak hours of the day. Gary visits the less crowded servers during hours when less penguins are online.

3. Gary is most commonly seen on the more popular servers. Check them out if our tracker is outdated.

4. Gary is usually online when he visits Club Penguin, but is not on when Club Penguin support is closed. If you notice a server that usually is not crowded suddenly get crowded, check this server for Gary.

5. Gary is a blue penguin with a white lab-coat, a brown tie, and glasses. If you find him on Club Penguin, click on him to view his player card.

6. If you do find Gary on Club Penguin, click on the free gift button on the far right for Gary’s autographed background.

7. Gary is always very crowded when he is online. Be sure to check the users in room list instead of searching for his in the room. The users in room list is alphabetized and easier to search through.

8. Gary changes servers every few minutes. This means you will have to find Gary fast and check this page for updates.

9. Finding Gary takes a lot of patience. Use my tracker and with some time you will find Gary. Gary may be on multiple servers at the same time.

10. For more info on Gary Club Penguin, read about Gary on Club Penguin.

11. Updates on Twitter will be posted whenever Gary is found on Club Penguin. Follow Chrisdog93 on Twitter to receive a message whenever Gary is spotted. Follow Chrisdog93 on Twitter!

12. If you need anymore help finding Gary, leave a comment or you can have fun tracking for Gary on our Club Penguin chat!

13. For more tips to finding Gary the Gadget Guy on Club Penguin, please visit the Club Penguin Cheats Forum or view the official Club Penguin Gary Tracker thread!

14. Download our app called CP Trackers on iTunes to have automatically updated Club Penguin Trackers with the status, room, and server to find all the mascots fast!


Who is Gary? Gary is the inventor on Club Penguin. Gary creates many machines for the island. He was the leader of PSA, which later got destroyed in 2010. He is the co-director of the EPF today.

When is Gary online? Gary is usually online during evening hours, but you can find him during the day as well. Keep an eye out on Club Penguin Cheats to know exactly when he will be online.

How can I find Gary? Gary usually makes some special appearances during parties. He can be at any one of them. Club Penguin Cheats will always have a tracker post on the homepage if he actually is online. In past years, he has been to the Festival of Flight, and the Halloween Party.

What does Gary look like? Gary has glasses, a white suit, and a tie. He is a dark blue penguin. You can see a picture of him by scrolling above to see his playercard.

What background does Gary have? To see the current background that Gary is giving away, scroll above.


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  • Cadence


  • Cadence

    hey guys lol the jam party is gonna rock this place! SCREAMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and lolz are coming and the lucky winner will be a boy and that winner is gonna take a step and show off his moves the girl winner will get to dance with the boy i am so exited me and lolz will visit the most liked igloo we find and we will give that player 99 coins and my new backround!

  • Cadence

    the jam party ROCKED IT! lol! me and lolz went to the most liked igloo and the winner was:Rookie! he had an awesome igloo and he had on my fave club penguin on and he had a verey handsome looking shirt on at the time. and instead of his regueler shades he had his other ones his awesome ones he calls them his slim shaddy galsses and he had his propeller cap as useuel. i gave him 200 coins and my best backround!

  • Cadence

    so wanna meet me and lolz? go to the dance club at sever: dry ice. and i will give you 1 coin and my worst backround cuz it wont let me give over 59 coins anymore and it wont let me give my new backround sorry. :(

  • Rookie

    Everybody Spams.

    • hey rookie how do I get the propeller hat

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  • I could not resist commenting. Well written!

  • how should i find them?!?!plz tell me!!!! PLZ!!!!1

  • Guys, these trackers work, so please stop calling them ‘fake’.

  • Hello everyone, as you may not know that Gary is offline now, because the theme has another mascot. But keep on checking the events on Club Penguin and the mascot and when Gary is THAT mascot, check the tracker!

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