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Treasure Hunt is a new game, located in Rockhopper’s Quarters. Here are some tips for Treasure Hunt.

  • Work Together with your partner to find gems, coins, hidden items.
  • In the board, sometimes there are crystals or hidden items that give 100 coins. Try to find them.
  • A sparkle indicates a gem. Use this to help find all of them.
  • Try to find two sparkles next to each other. This indicates a gem or crystal, which will get you much more coins.
  • Dig your lines further away from each other. It will help finding sparkles much easier.

Different items are worth different amounts. Here is a table with how much each item is worth.

1. Coins are worth more than one coin.
2. Gems are worth more than 25 coins.
3. Crystals are worth 100 coins.

I think this will make earning coins in Treasure Hunt. Also, Click Here if you are looking for a Rockhopper Tracker.

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