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Hey Everyone! A lot of penguins have been asking me questions about the main Rumors on Club Penguin such as Tipping the Iceberg, the Ninja, and Rockhopper’s Key. Well, I am going to answer all three of these rumors and tell you all about them. Lets start with the Tipping the Iceberg Rumor.

Q. Can you Tip the Iceberg?

The Famous Club Penguin Rumors – Tipping the Iceberg, The Ninja, and Rockhopper’s Key

A. No. The picture above is a famous edit, but the edit is false. There is no possible way to tip the iceberg. Many penguins have tried to tip the iceberg, but all have failed. I used a program to look at the aspects of the iceberg. The Program showed me the sides, shapes, and drawings that Screenhog used to create the Iceberg. This showed me that there is no possibility of tipping or even cracking the Iceberg. It has never tipped before. Every picture that you see of the Iceberg tipping (like the one above) is just an edit. Currently it is impossible to tip the Iceberg, but it may be able to be tipped in the future. So, this means it is just a waste of time to have those tip the Iceberg Parties.

Q. Can you become a Ninja on Club Penguin?

The Famous Club Penguin Rumors – Tipping the Iceberg, The Ninja, and Rockhopper’s Key

A. Not Yet The Picture above is from the game Penguin Chat 3, which is an earlier form of Club Penguin. In Penguin Chat 3, you could become a ninja. In CP however, it is impossible to become a Ninja. One major Rumor on how to become a Ninja is that if you stay in the Dojo, for 30 minutes straight, Ninjas will come into the Dojo, and ask to be your Buddy. This is false but, this doesn’t mean that the Ninja will not be released in the future. There are hints and clues all over Club Penguin about the Ninjas. Some of these clues include the Ninja Shadows. These shadows are located all over the Island including at the Mirror in the Ski Lodge, by the Net in the Lighthouse, and even in the Dojo. Some say these Shadows are just nothing and do not represent ninjas. If this was true, then why would there be other hints of Ninjas like the Ninjas in the TV Screen of the Dojo at the HQ, and the Ninja Egg in the 2008 Scavenger Hunt? They even had a way to get the Ninja Mask on the Old Home Page! If you clicked on the “N” at the Iceberg a Ninja would appear. Ninjas are not available now,
but they may be available in the Future. I would especially look for these in the future because of all the clues given by Club Penguin.

Q. Is there a key to Rockhopper’s quarters?

The Famous Club Penguin Rumors – Tipping the Iceberg, The Ninja, and Rockhopper’s Key

A. No There is no key to Rockhopper’s Room (The Room in the lower floor of the Migrator). Many penguins trying to attract attention will say “Follow me For Rockhopper’s Key.” This is completely false. There is no key to his dorm. Make sure not to listen to these penguins. If there was a key someone would have found it. There are millions of penguins. At least one of them would have found the key by now. There is no pictures on the Web proving that the Room is real. So, if there is not one picture proving its existence may I ask how would some penguin have found it that quickly. There is no key at this point but, there could be one in the future.

All of the rumors that I told you about are false. This doesn’t mean that they will not be released though. There is a high possibility of some of these things to come out in the game especially the Ninja. There has been clues of all of the rumors but there is no proven evidence of any of them.

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