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New Famous Penguin Video and Comics

Today New Comics were released! The comics are really cool and pretty funny! Check out the new Comic: Like this comic? If you do you should check out the link below for more funny Comics. There were many famous penguins on the Testing Servers Today like Rsnail, Billybob, Dendo Guy and many more! Make sure …

Famous Penguins on Club Penguin

Hey guys today I made an awesome video with the most Famous Penguins! It has loads of Pictures of Famous Penguins Including Watex, Chewit Dude, Paintboy100, Fever, Rockhopper, and Many More! It also has loads of Beta Penguins! Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEdBd8ZmBzA I hope you enjoyed this Video. I have been making a lot of …

My New Bribble

Vital Viper

Hey guys i found a picture of Vital Viper today. Here he is: