Club Penguin Mission Cheats for PSA Agents | ClubPenguinCP - Part 6

Club Penguin Mission Cheats

Are you looking for Club Penguin Field Ops cheats?

Club Penguin has missions which PSA secret agents can do. The Club Penguin missions are entertaining, but can also be very challenging. With this in mind, we will provide you with Club Penguin mission cheats to beat all of the Club Penguin missions. Below are Club Penguin mission cheats for all of the current available missions on Club Penguin. PSA missions have no stopped being released.

To access a Club Penguin PSA Mission, you must first be an Elite Penguin Force agent. You must then enter the EPF HQ and waddle in to the VR room that is at the back, middle of the room. From there, you should see a machine to access the old missions.

  • Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles – Aunt Arctic has lost her two puffles. Your mission is to go out and rescue them.
  • Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission – G has a new invention and your job is to test it. After crashing in the middle of the wilderness, you must escape and return to Club Penguin.
  • Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins – The Gift Shop’s coins have been stolen and your mission is to find them. This mission as an optional mini-mission to restore power to the Night Club and Dancing Penguin, the owner of the Night Club, will give you a card as a reward. You can also play the game of Ice Bricks in this mission, a game you can’t play anywhere else on Club Penguin.
  • Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue – Your mission is to rescue many penguins who are trapped because of an avalanche near the mountain.
  • Mission 5: Secret of the Fur – This mission is a continuation of the previous mission. Your job is to find the source of the mysterious fur that was at the scene of the last mission.
  • Mission 6: Questions for a Crab – In this mission, you come in contact with Herbert the Polar Bear and Herbert will reveal is story about how he made it to Club Penguin island.
  • Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs – The clock at the Snow Forts is broken and you will need to repair it by finding parts throughout the island of Club Penguin.
  • Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors – Club Penguin is having difficulties with many earthquakes. Your job is to track the source of the quakes and end them altogether.
  • Mission 9: Operation Spy and Seek – In this mission, you will be tracking Herbert the Polar Bear by placing transmitters throughout Club Penguin to find his location.
  • Mission 10: Waddle Squad – Your job is to lead the team of secret agents to find herbert in tis major operation which aimed to end Herbert’s operation.
  • Mission 11: The Veggie Villain – This mission is a sequel to the last mission. Herbert returns and tries to shut down the PSA headquarters. Can you stop him in time?

This page will be updated with Club Penguin mission cheats when a new Club Penguin mission is released.


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