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Rockhopper Tracker

Below we have our accurate and updated Club Penguin Rockhopper tracker. Many penguins ask the question where is Rockhopper on Club Penguin. Use our official Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker to find Rockhopper on Club Penguin.

Here is the code to add our Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker to your site:

<a href="" title="Rockhopper Tracker"><img src="" alt="Rockhopper Tracker"></img></a>

To find Rockhopper fast, download our app called CP Trackers on iTunes.

Who is Rockhopper?

Rockhopper is a famous character on Club Penguin. Rockhopper is a pirate and was introduced around late 2006. Rockhopper is considered a famous character on Club Penguin because real Club Penguin Moderators control Rockhopper on Club Penguin and if you spot him, you obtain a free and rare Rockhopper autographed background and Rockhopper Stamp! Rockhopper is a red penguin with a black beard and a big black pirate hat. You can sometimes spot Rockhopper with his red puffle, Yarr. Rockhopper was the founder of the popular Red Puffles which can be purchased on Club Penguin at the Pet Shop. Rockhopper still waddles around Club Penguin every 2 – 3 months to this day!

Rockhopper Tracker – How to find Rockhopper on Club Penguin:

Rockhopper on Club Penguin

First of all, Rockhopper is sometimes a real person and sometimes a computer. During peak hours of the day, Rockhopper is usually a person but late at night or early in the morning in the USA Rockhopper is a computer. Rockhopper can be logged into more than one server at a time. Rockhopper likes to visit many servers, but his favorites are Mammoth, Frozen, Blizzard, Parka, and Yeti. Remember, Rockhopper visits many servers, not just these ones!

Finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin is difficult, but definitely possible. Rockhopper is a red penguin who wears a pirate hat, and a black beard. Otherwise his player card looks just like an ordinary penguin.

Rockhopper's player card

When Rockhopper is on Club Penguin, tons of penguins will follow him. Sometimes the penguins will all be wearing red.

Rockhopper on Club Penguin

If you are searching for Rockhopper and you see the message “Sorry this room is currently full.”, keep trying to get into that room. Rockhopper visits almost all of the rooms on Club Penguin but Rockhopper’s favorite rooms on Club Penguin are the Migrator, Rockhopper’s Quarters, Beach, Dock, Iceberg, the Cove, Forest, and Pizza Parlor.

Rockhopper switches rooms frequently and usually stays logged in for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you notice a server all of the sudden starts to get crowded, check that server for Rockhopper. Make sure you search for Rockhopper with friends to check more servers faster.

How do I know where Rockhopper is?

Using our Club Penguin Rockhopper tracker is not the only way to find Rockhopper on Club Penguin. If there is a quiet server that is suddenly full or has 4 – 5 bars, there’s a very high chance Rockhopper is on that server. Lots of penguins will lie and say Rockhopper is on a server that he is not on. Penguin’s do this because they want to decrease the amount of people in the room they are in, and other penguins do it for fun. If you think Rockhopper is in the same server as you, try waiting at the Migrator or the room next to the room that’s full for him to come. If Rockhopper doesn’t show up, either Rockhopper is offline or never was there. If you think Rockhopper is in the same room as you, use the users in room list on your Club Penguin toolbar. It is organized in alphabetical order and will let you find Rockhopper on Club Penguin much faster. Click on Rockhopper’s name in the user’s in room list and on his player card click on the free gift button.

rockhopper's autographed background

When you accept the free background, you can put it on your player card.

Rockhopper has had several backgrounds and prizes in the passed. Below are links to images of his previous backgrounds.

You can only find Rockhopper when the Migrator is docked at the Beach. Check the telescope on Club Penguin at the Beacon to see if the Migrator is coming. Here are extra tips to finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin:

  • Add tons of active buddies on Club Penguin. This helps because usually most of the penguins on Club Penguin are looking for Rockhopper so if one of your 100 buddies find him a buddy icon will be located next to the server Rockhopper is on.
  • Login each Club Penguin server, but just check the Migrator, Dock, Snow Forts, Forest and Iceberg. If Rockhopper is online that server, there will usually be a crowd in the area. If it’s completely empty, log off and try another server rapidly using the steps above.
  • If Rockhopper is in a room that is full, try waiting at the Migrator, Beach or Dock. 99.9% of the time Rockhopper will pass by/visit those rooms.
  • Track with friends! The more people track, the more of a chance someone will spot Rockhopper.
  • Rockhopper isn’t always online English servers. It’s rare, but he does visit other language servers such as French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Don’t look on servers Mammoth, Blizzard and such. Usually penguins on Club Penguin lie about Rockhopper’s location just for amusement. Some tell the truth and yes, Rockhopper does visit those servers but barely.

Download our app called CP Trackers on iTunes to have automatically updated Club Penguin Trackers with the status, room, and server to find all the mascots fast!

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