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History And Development Of Club Penguin

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History And Development Of Club Penguin

New Horizon Interactive created Club Penguin in the summer of year. It is an online based massive multiplayer online role playing game, given the abbreviations MMORPG. The public Beta Testing was done in August 2005 after which the official launch was done in 24th October 2005. After slightly over one year, Disney bought Club Penguin in August 2007. The game involves a virtual world and the word penguin refers to the players who are involved in it. The game has a large range of other mini games as well as other activities that are done online. Club_Penguin_logoThe platform of Club Penguin is a snowy island, hence the name. The game has immense followers ranging from young and old, men and women, and people from all races. You cannot ignore the game if you are a game lover.

Founders of Club Penguin

Club Penguin was founded in Kelowa, Canada by three gents namely Lance Priebe, Lane Merrifield, and Dave Krysko. Lane and Lance would later approach Krysko, their boss, since they had aspirations of building a social networking site that could serve their kids with free adverts. Given the permission, they used their own credit cards coupled with other boosters of credit to finance the start up. They owned the business 100%. Even though there was no budget that was committed to marketing the game, they were able to attract over 10 million users in just 3 years. Over 700,000 users were paying their subscriptions regularly.According to Merrifield, Club Penguin was born once they realized that there was no successful thing that had safe components that could be used on the children. Lance Priebe was involved in development of Flash Web based games during his free time. His ideas would later be incorporated once the idea of club penguin came into play. Experimental Penguins went offline in the year 2001, but the full version of the game came into play in the year 2003. It attracted followers immediately, and a lot of work had to be done so as to keep away the students away from it. It was such catch especially for the you people.

Initial users of Club Penguin

The initial users of the game were approximately 15000, and this number shot sharply to 1.4 million within a short while. This figure would later SNOWGIES-1428604380double within a span of three months to 2.6 million. Two years since inception, Club Penguin reached close to 4 million users. By the time Disney expressed their intent of purchasing Club Penguin, it had over 12 million accounts which were able to generate over $40 million annual revenue. Having turned down some lucrative advertising deals in the past, the owners decided to sell Club Penguin and the parent company for a combined sum of $350.93 million in August 2007. The new owners promised to give bonuses of up to $350 million should the growth targets of Club Penguin be met. You cannot just surf the internet and fail to notice Club Penguin. It is a unique game for all.

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