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Why you love Club Penguin this much?

Well, this is interesting and cute and what else can I say about a Disney game. I am grown up now but still I love to play these animated kind of games because of the innocence they have.

What type of information you will be providing here?

Reviews and games to play! Those games that were best throughout their completion. I will want to talk about Club Penguin and provide some solid information about it; how it turned out to be one my best experiences of game playing followed by its reviews. Not only will I be talking about the Disney Club development but also about the numerous other MMO games which have been developed by now and are considered the best of current year. The games that will make you enjoy more and play a lot and secondly, all the games being classified according to personal experience or user reviews. You are going to find some of the best and amazing games that have been developed in such a way that you won’t lose the interest in game even for a single second; either it is an action game or an adventurous game, you are going to love it. All the required information that you would want to look up before downloading or buying the game with screenshots of the games, their reviews and ratings, their story lines, and so on.

What type of games you usually play?

Depends on mood. Sometimes when I don’t find a place to go then I want to try some new and latest adventurous game or if I am angry I like to go for some thrilling action games, I go for sports game when I am in a great mood. But no matter whatsoever is my mood, after 15 minutes of playing I get so much into the game that after closing it I don’t even remember what caused my mood to go bad or so. Games are my love and so I keep on trying new and new games and what else can you expect from a gamer! Special interest hold for action games because in every second there is something happening in them; real fun.

Do you ever get tired and bored of playing games or even talking about games all the time?

I am a gamer! Why would I even get bored of it? I only have to turn off the game because I have other responsibilities to follow and other work to do and trust me if I have no work to do I will never stop playing. My clan and I usually gather to play games like multiplayer games on their own computers and then the action begins. Nope, writing is the way of expressing your feelings and I don’t get bored for expressing myself; particularly gaming is my area as well so that is the why it appeals me to write about it.