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An Expose Of Mmo And Kids

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An Expose Of Mmo And Kids

A massive multiplayer game whose owner is Disney has run away with the mind of kids. You must have heard of Club Penguin if you have kids. Disney has even taken precaution to invite members of the fourth estate (media) to their headquarters in Kelowa, Canada so that parents can confirm that their children are safe. The company made this move so as to ensure that parents do not lose their trust with the game: Club Penguin. Chris Heatherly, who is the replacement of Lane Merrifield has already highlighted the safety of the game and the extent to which it is helpful to kids as they start to learn their socialization skills.

Description of Club Penguin

Heatherly Chris says that Club Penguin is a site that only plays the role of helping kids to socialize in a better way. The rest of the employees at Club Penguin have also voiced their views as far as kids are concerned with the game. Similar to face book, Club Penguin does not admit anyone under the age of 13 since that would be suicidal on the life of such a youngster. Moreover, admitting under aged children may make the authorities to ban the game and hence deny the adult players a chance to derive maximum fun.

Upgrade of technology at Club Penguin

7959b19ba5700a0e791402462c17e1972cc3_1clubpenguinClub Penguin management has moved with speed to ensure that there is no moral decadence on the kids. The company has done this through upgrading its technology to “Safe Chat.” The safe chat technology has the ability to filter out words, phrases, and slang that portray moral decay. Such phrases such as “you are gay” cannot be found on the site. Moreover, the technology is also instrumental in ensuring that kids speak proper English through erasing some of the slang sounds that corrupt the language.

The company has also identified some other phrases that kids are so keen to corrupt as they engage in filthy talk. Such words as “beach” have been erased since the management of Club Penguin has information that the word could be used to call someone the rogue word “bitch.” This new upgrade of the technology has been helpful and its effectiveness is insurmountable. The search engine of the game has been filtered enough to ensure that kids do not search any uncouth sites as they play the game. Club Penguin is purely a social game and not a site where kids visit to be radicalized as far as moral conduct is concerned. Its search engine reveals better styles of the game making it a darling of many kids. It is a site that cares for the welfare of tomorrow’s leaders hence the technological upgrade. The game has undergone untold revolution so as to ensure that the participants derive maximum fun and satisfaction. The game is now available on phone apps so as keep the youth occupied. Then you have a lot of energy that has been tapped. Making such a game and persuading the youth to join reduces the chances of criminal activity.


Hey there! So here it is, another Disney Club’s fan. Well, no matter how much you love to play GTA Vice City or FIFA, the addiction of animated and cartoon games is still unmatchable. The cuteness overloaded type sentiment arouses whenever you come across such games. Now coming to my own self, I have loved playing games since childhood; whether I was too small for that came or not, I just have loved playing them and making them even better playing games with hacks. Games have always proved be the form of entertainment that won’t bore you out; you always are occupied with completing it and trying to finish the game or completing the level.
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