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Club Penguin Costume Trunk Catalog Cheats

Hey guys! This is my first post here on ClubPenguinCP so I hope you enjoy my posts and my stay. Back to the post – The old stage play, Fairy Fables, is now back to the stage with not a single update to the set. The play’s catalog contains just one old returning item, which is a blue scarf that was newly added, and a single hidden item. Let’s begin with the cheats.

First, the cover has been updated, here’s what it looks like:


Club Penguin cheats text based guide:

  • Turn to the below page of the catalogue.
  • Click on the purple stone.
  • A hidden background will show up for you to buy and then it’ll be all yours!


That’s all for the hidden items or should I say hidden item seeing that only 1 item was hidden? Anyway, did you like the return of this stage play with a VERY FEW minor updates to the catalog only? I, ClubPenguinCP’s whole team, and the viewers of ClubPenguinCP would love to hear from you and your penguin buddies, so make sure to comment below with what you have to say! Waddle On!

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  • 811cupcake

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  • riki

    Corection: You’ll get banned and lose your account forever. :)

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  • Ceriseineast

    Yep, doesn’t work obviously.

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