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Club Penguin WPE Pro Tutorial

The following are WPE Pro tutorials. WPE Pro is a safe way to cheat on Club Penguin besides trainers. It is almost guaranteed that you will not get banned using WPE Pro. It is a winsock packet editor which means it can edit things on Club Penguin old trainers could not.



Okay, lets start off with something easy. This is how to edit the Find Four chips’ coordinates, or where they are located on the board. The Find Four game looks something like this:

1. Go To
2. Open WPE Pro and target The Web Browser You’re Using. ex.Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
3. Join a game of Find Four and wait until someone else enters the game
4. Once somebody joins your game, hit the play button on WPE Pro, and place a chip anywhere you want
5. Once the chip has fallen into place, hit the stop button on WPE Pro
6. Look for a packet that contains the coordinates of where you placed the chip (it will look something like this: %xt%z%zm%86%x%y)
7. Modify the x,y coordinates to anything you want, and click send.

This one is a bit more advanced. It is how to perm items:

Do step 1 & 2 of the tutorial above.

3. Press run on WPE pro.

4.Go to the Gift Shop and buy a background.

5. Press stop on WPE Pro and look for the ID of the item you just bought. It is in a send packet.

6. Change the ID of the item to whatever item you want to buy. (It has to not be patched!)

7. Press run, and a dialog window should come up saying that the item has been added to your inventory.

NOTE: If you want to perm patched items, you would have to join a unlisted server. These IDs start at 1000 and go to 1005. If you are advanced at cheating, then you could join one of these servers and then perm any item.

This is how to become a Rainbow Penguin. This is server side, which means everyone can see it and you might get banned!

Here are some examples of colors you can transform into to.

1. Open Wpe Pro Up
2. Log On Cp
3. Buy All Colors
4. Go to Your Igloo
5. Open Wpe Pro Back up
6. Traget Your Browser
7. Open Your Player Card
8. Open Wpe Pro Back Up Again
Do This 9 Times:
9. Click This Button ?
10. Change A Color
11. Click This Button ?
12. Right Click The Packet
13.Click Add To Send List
14. Then Click Send
15. Click All The Squares
16. Go Back To The packet and right click send
17. Copy The Open Socket Id
18. Then On The bottom Left Click This ?
19. Click Continuously Then Put The Timer To 1100
20. Paste The Socket Id
21. Click This ?

Note: You can do this with puffles, too!

This is an easy coin cheat. It is 100% safe and will not get you banned!

This cheat involves Astro Barrier, a game which looks like this:

1. Target a program. 2. Go and shoot one target in Astro Barrier.
3. Click This ?
4. Click This Button ?
5. Now select the first packet.
6. And change where it is ID. It is your points. 10=1 coin 100=10. And so on.
7. Now play Astro barrier again but don’t shoot.
8. Start the hack.
9. Quit the game and you will get your coins!

Here is how to change your igloo music to ANY music in Club Penguin! This is an easy tutorial.

1. Open WPE-Pro
2. Log into Club Penguin
3. On WPE-Pro, select “Target Program”
4. Target Your Web Browser
5. Go to your igloo
6. Make sure you have some type of music player in your igloo.
7. Select the music icon in your edit igloo function
8. Start logging on WPE-Pro (Click This ?)
9. Select a random music from the selection
10. Stop logging (Click This ?)
11. Find the packet that looks like this: %xt%s%g#um%2242%119%12. Right click the packet, and press “Send”
13. Edit the part that says 119 to the ID you want. You have to know the music IDs to do this, or it won’t work.

NOTE: To find music, go here: and enter an id. The IDs end at 403.

How to Teleport to Other Rooms

You can transport to any room on Club Penguin. Here are most of the rooms on Club Penguin:

1. Connect to a server and target your program.
2. Open your map and click the ? button.
3. Select a room on the map and then click the stop button.
4. Find a send packet that looks like this: %xt%s%j#jr%16%100%0%0%. This packet is the town. The part to change is in bold. Look at the list below for room IDs.
* 100 : Town
* 110 : Coffee Shop
* 111 : Book Room
* 120 : Dance Club
* 121 : Dance Lounge
* 130 : Gift Shop
* 200 : Ski Village
* 210 : Sport Shop
* 220 : Ski Lodge
* 221 : Lodge Attic
* 230 : Mountain
* 300 : Plaza
* 310 : Pet Shop
* 320 : Dojo
* 330 : Pizza Parlor
* 340 : Stage
* 400 : Beach
* 410 : Lighthouse
* 411 : Beacon
* 800 : Dock
* 801 : Snow Forts
* 802 : Ice Rink
* 803 : Head Quarters
* 804 : Boiler room
* 805 : Ice Berg
* 806 : Cave
* 807 : Mine Shack
* 808 : Mine
* 809 : Forest
* 420 : Rockhopper’s Ship
* 421 : Ship Hold
* 422 : Captain’s Quarter’s
* 423 : Crow’s Nest
* 899 : Party
7. Choose ONE of the Ids on the left side after the *.
8. Remember that Id and go into the packet.
9. Replace the last id with the new one you want. (Ex: %xt%s%j#jr%16%807%0%0%) * 807 is the mine shack.
10. Click the ? button and you will be teleported to the room via Id.

Would you like to submit your own WPE Pro tutorials? Send them to [email protected] and they can be featured on this page!

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  • 1.POST ESTA EM 3 Diferentes Páginas Aqui
    2.Premir F12 8 Vezes
    3.LOG não Club Penguin
    AOS 4.Go Servidores inferior e pressione ENTER 5 Vezes
    5.Prima F5 2 Vezes
    6.You ágora ALCANÇAR 9.999.999.999.999 Moedas, 50 Puffles de Graça, 5 puffles Rainbow (55) TOTAL E LIVRE ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA SEMPRE

  • 1.POST ESTA EM 3 Diferentes Páginas Aqui
    2.Premir F12 8 Vezes
    3.LOG Localidade: Não Club Penguin
    AOS 4.Go Servidores inferior e pressione ENTER 5 Vezes
    5.Prima F5 2 Vezes
    6.You ágora ALCANÇAR 9.999.999.999.999 Moedas, 50 Puffles de Graça, 5 puffles do arco-íris (55) TOTAL E LIVRE ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA SEMPRE


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