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Club Penguin Puffles

Native to the wilds of Club Penguin, puffles are small, round, furry creatures. They make fantastic pets! Several different species have been discovered and each color has its own unique personality. Everyone in Club Penguin can adopt 2 puffles, but members can adopt up to 18. Each Club Penguin puffle costs 800 coins.

You can purchase puffles from the Pet Shop. You can keep them in your igloo or take them for a walk on Club Penguin.

Nonmembers may have 2 puffles while members can have 19. To adopt a puffle, go to the Pet Shop on Club Penguin.

Open the bottom catalog at the Pet Shop.

To adopt a puffle, click on the adopt button next to the puffle you want and give it a name.

After you adopt a puffle, you will receive a postcard thanking you for adopting.

Your puffle will be in your igloo right after you adopt it.

Click on your puffle to open up its card.

From your puffle’s card, you can play with your puffle, have your puffle sleep, feed your puffle (gum, cookie, or puffle food), bathe your puffle, and walk your puffle.

These indicators on your puffle’s card show its energy, health, and rest. To improve energy, have your puffle sleep. To improve health, give your puffle the puffle food, bathe your pet, walk your pet, and play with your pet. To improve rest, have your puffle sleep.

Currently, there are 10 different types of puffles on Club Penguin:

Club Penguin Blue Puffles

The blue puffle is probably the most popular puffle on Club Penguin. This is because it is one of two puffles that all penguins can adopt (the red puffle is the other).

The blue puffle is mild tempered, content, and loyal. It’s favorite toy is the ball, and it is easy to take care of.


Club Penguin Red Puffles

Red puffles first appeared in December of 2006 when Rockhopper brought them from Rockhopper Island for all players. It can be adopted for 800 coins at the Pet Shop.

Red puffles are adventurous and enthusiastic. Their favorite toys are the bowling pins and the cannon. When you play with a red puffle in your igloo, it will either pull out bowling pins and roll into them or put on a helmet and shoot itself out of a cannon!


Yarr is the most famous puffle on Club Penguin. Yarr is a red puffle who travels with Rockhopper on his journeys. When Rockhopper’s ship is docked at the Beach on Club Penguin, Yarr can be found on the top of the mast of the Migrator.


Red Puffles enjoy to surf. If you play Catchin’ Waves when walking your puffle, your puffle will surf along side you! If you play competition mode, your puffle will actually compete! The red puffle will increase your score when playing Catchin’ Waves, but not as much as wearing a surfboard.

Club Penguin Pink Puffles

The pink puffle is energetic. It can be adopted by member’s only for 800 coins at the Pet Shop.

The pink puffle is active and cheery and loves to exercise. It’s two favorite toys are the jump rope and the trampoline. When you play with your pink puffle in your igloo, it usually pulls out either the jump rope or the trampoline and will jump around.


Pink Puffles enjoy playing Aqua Grabber at the Iceberg. If you play Aqua Grabber while walking your pink puffle, your puffle will swim next to your submarine. The pink puffle will help when playing Aqua Grabber by blowing air bubbles when you are short on air. The pink puffle is a huge help when playing Aqua Grabber!

Club Penguin Black Puffles

The black puffle is the most mysterious and secret puffle in all of Club Penguin. Black puffles can be adopted by members only at the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

Black puffles are strong, silent type, and can be energetic at times. Their favorite toys are the skateboard and the fireball. Occasionally when you play with your black puffle in your igloo, your puffle will turn into a fireball and fly through the air.


In thin ice, the main character is a black puffle. Most penguins think it is a red puffle, but it is actually a red puffle that is in it’s fireball form. Black puffles appear in many missions. In one mission, you feed a black puffle an O’ Berry and they light on fire and fly through the air.

Club Penguin Green Puffles

The green puffle is the most energetic and exciting puffle on Club Penguin. It can be purchased from the Pet Shop for 800 coins by members only.

The green puffle is energetic and active. Their favorite toys are unicycle and the propeller cap. When you play with your green puffle in your igloo, sometimes it will ride a unicycle and fly with the propeller cap.


The green puffle known as the Keeper of the Boiler room sits at the Night Club on top of the speaker. He appears in the book Truth or Dare in the book room on the second floor of the coffee shop. In the story, the penguin says that a penguin was dared to stay in the Boiler room. The keeper of the boiler room now sits in the Night Club and jumps on the speaker.


Club Penguin Purple Puffles

Purple puffles are one of the calmer puffles on Club Penguin. They can be adopted from the Pet Shop for 800 coins by only members.

Purple puffles are the happy type. Their favorite toys are the bubble wand and the disco ball. Purple puffles love to dance.


If you go play Dance Contest with your purple puffle, your purple puffle will dance with you when playing. Bringing your purple puffle when playing Dance Contest will increase your score.

Club Penguin Yellow Puffles

The Yellow puffle is the most artistic puffle on Club Penguin, and first appeared in November of 2007. They can be adopted from the Pet Shop for 800 coins by only members.

Yellow puffles are spontaneous, artistic, and happy. Their favorite toys are the movie camera, the paintbrush, and the easel. Yellow puffles are very creative.


The Yellow puffle makes a special appearance in Club Penguin Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs. The Yellow puffle creates a replacement gear by using the blueprint and special snow.

Club Penguin White Puffles

White Puffles were released in March of 2009. Members can adopt white puffles at the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

White pufflles are small, gentle, and strong. White Puffles favorite toy is the skate and can turn anything to ice with its breath.


When you play with a white puffle in your igloo, they can create an ice rink with their breathe and then skate very fast over the ice. If you bathe your puffle, he will turn the water into ice when he jumps in. When he jumps out, he will get frozen in the ice block.

Club Penguin Orange Puffles

Orange Puffles are a new colour of puffle which were released near the end of February 2010. Members can adopt orange puffles at the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

Orange Puffles are very zany and curious. Their favourite toys are boxes and their special green wagon. They are known to sleep very deeply during occasions.

When Orange Puffles play in your igloo, they pump air into their green wagon’s wheels and then they hop in the wagon rapidly driving around your igloo. When you bathe Orange Puffles, they climb a diving board and dive into the water. Finally, when you put them to rest they immediately fall asleep onto a pillow while drooling.

Brown Puffles

Brown Puffles are a new puffle, released on February 17, 2011 for the Puffle Party. The Brown Puffle is a puffle for members only and is available for purchase at the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

When you play with your puffle in your igloo, your puffle will fly in a spaceship and then fall out in a parachute. When your puffle sleeps in your igloo, a pillow will appear and your puffle will sleep for 5 seconds. When you bathe your puffle, a flowered pool will appear and your puffle will dive in and a yellow telescope will appear out of the water.

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