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Club Penguin Secrets

Throughout Club Penguin there are many secrets, some of which not even the oldest penguins know of. I’ve compiled a list of Club Penguin secrets below. If you have any others please post a comment on the homepage with the name of the secret, where the secret is, and how to do the secret. Thank you and enjoy!

Number 1 Keyhole in Pet Shop Door:

There’s a strange secret at the Pet Shop. If you go inside, and check out the door you will notice that the number 1 is on the right door. It’s supposed to be a keyhole.

Pet shop keyhole

Red Puffle Cannon outside of Pet Shop:

Did you know that if you hover your mouse over the cannon outside the Pet Shop, a red puffle will shoot out?

Puffle Canon

Spin the Clock Tower:

Almost every penguin knows that if you go to the Snow Forts and throw a snowball at the red target it will spin around.

Clock tower target

The red target will spin a few times very fast, then return to its normal position.

Finding Fred the Cuckoo Clock:

Did you know that there is a yellow bird named Fred who appears every 30 minutes on Club Penguin at the Ski Lodge? Fred pops out of the Cuckoo clock every thirty minutes. For example, he comes at 12:00PM, then on 12:30PM, then at 1:00PM, etc.

Here’s a picture of Desktop and Fred on Club Penguin:



Secret Rollovers on Club Penguin:

If you rollover the cash register at the Pizza Parlor, money will start popping out.

Cash register at pizza shop

If you rollover the cash register at the Gift Shop or Sports Shop, money will pop up.

clothes shop cashier

If you rollover the jewelry box at the Gift Shop, it will spin.

Spin jewlry shelf


If you hover over the sand bucket at the Beach, snow will be shoveled into the bucket.

Sand A

Hover over the sand bucket three times, then hover over it again. A sand castle will be made.

Sand B

If you hover over the Sand Castle at the Beach, it will melt down.

Sand C

Jumping Puffle at the Night Club

At the Night Club, there is a green puffle on top of the speaker that opens to the Boiler Room. If you hover over it, it will jump up!

Flipping Puffle

Club Penguin Hidden Lake Entrance

Did you know that you can go to the hidden lake on Club Penguin by going to the Forest and then hovering over the boulder covering the entrance?

Hidden Lake

Second Cart Surfer Cart

If you hover over the area where you click to play Cart Surfer, you will see a second cart appear.

Second Cart

What is your favourite Club Penguin secret and why? Be sure to leave a comment.

–Donut Man 5

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  • What about the shadow ninja in the mirror at the ski lodge? Some of those ‘secrets’ were not actually secrets, by the way.

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    i love this site :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • angel51981

    i love it :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • I really like these secrets, I didn’t know them all!

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  • I think I knew all of those secrets of clubpenguin and old clubpenguin. The point is thta your telling penguins that those secrets are there….except for the ones in old clubpengin!!! 😀 I actually wouldnt call some of them secrets. Sorry for bursting your bubble!!! D:

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  • I do not get how most of these are secrets? Especially the first one, so what there is a key hole?!

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