Club Penguin Field Ops

Club Penguin Field Ops Mission Cheats:

The weekly Field Op has been delayed! Instead, be sure to check out our Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats guide today for all of the inside news on Herbert and Klutzy.

How to become an Elite Penguin Force Agent on Club Penguin:

The Club Penguin PSA Headquarters broke down, so Gary made some quick thinking and the Elite Penguin Force was born. Even though you are a PSA Agent, you are not an EPF Agent just yet. To complete Field-Ops and earn medals to unlock some cool gadgets, you must follow the steps below.

1. Login Club Penguin

2. Go to the Ski Village

3. Go inside the Everyday Phoning Facility, where the Sports Shop used to be placed.

Club Penguin Field Ops

4. Click the ringing telephone in the black telephone booth.

Club Penguin Field Ops

5. Hit the red and white target in the top-right corner with a snowball.

Club Penguin Field Ops

6. Wait until a screen pops out of the wall.

7. Go to the green square in the lower-right corner. A cage will trap you for a moment.

8. Wait until the big screen says “GO!”. The cage around you will disappear.

9. Quickly click the red square in the lower-left corner to make your penguin run towards it. Clicking it several times will make your penguin walk slower!

Club Penguin Field Ops

10. Move away from the red square.

11. You will have 20 seconds to complete hide from Camera 1 and Camera 2.

12. Go behind the giant stone in the lower-right corner

13. When you’re there, throw a snowball at Camera 2. It will block it’s sight, this way it can’t spot you.

Club Penguin Field Ops

14. Wait until you see the power box gathering electricity.

15. The screen will ask you to move towards the blue square. DO NOT go on top of it.

16. Throw a snowball at the power box located in the lower-right corner.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Club Penguin System Defender Cheats:

System Defender is another one of the Club Penguin mini-games that was added during January 2011. System Defender is for members only and you can only access it if you have an EPF spy phone. If you meet both of these requirements, you are ready to start playing System Defender. If you’re new to the game, you can start off by going to the Command Room.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Once you have accessed System Defender, it is recommended that you take the tutorial before playing the actual game. The tutorial will help you learn more about System Defender and will earn you a stamp for your stamp book.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Just click on the “Tutorial” button to begin it. Once you begin the tutorial for System Defender, you will notice the System Defender setup. Once you go into tutorial mode, you will be able to actually play the game for the first time. Be sure to read the messages from Gary and other agents in the bottom left corner of the game.

Club Penguin Field Ops

If you are still a bit confused after completing the tutorial mode, here’s a brief explanation on how to play. Your goal in System Defender is to protect the blue area (the system) by placing cannons around the track. These cannons will destroy the enemy bots that will try to attack the blue area, also known as the “system”. Now, here is a little bit more about the cannons:

The red cannons shoot fast, but are weakest.

The yellow cannons shoot at a long range, and do some more damage.

The purple cannon is the slowest but is also the most powerful.

You can select the cannons by clicking on the one that you want in the top left corner.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Be sure to choose your cannons at the start very wisely. It is not recommended to buy a purple cannon right from the start, because it will be hard to earn back your currency, since you start out with 200 points at the beginning of each game.

Another game mode in System Defender is the Advanced EPF Training Programs. You can access this mode from the main System Defender menu.

Club Penguin Field Ops

This mode in System Defender gives you missions for the game that you can play to complete and earn stamps and coins from. This is not recommended for beginners to the game, mainly because it is kind of challenging even from the start. A tip for the Advanced mode of System Defender is to spread out your cannons, especially if they are yellow cannons.

You can earn many stamps for your Club Penguin stamp book from System Defender. IF you look in your stamp book, you will find a whole page made just for System Defender. Here is how to access your System Defender stamps:

1. Click on your penguin and then click on the stamps icon.

2. Open your stamp book up and click on Games, then System Defender.

You will then find a list of stamps that you can earn.

Club Penguin Field Ops

To find out how to earn all of these stamps, put your mouse over the stamp icons and it will tell you how to earn each one.

Now, here are some Club Penguin Cheats for earning coins in System Defender. It is very to important to stay in the game as long as possible while you are playing. You do not want to lose quickly, or else you will get less coins. You will only end up with a low amount of coins if you purposely try to end the game quickly. You also earn coins from destroying bots. Try to come up with a good setup that will destroy the bots and keep them away from the system.

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone Cheats:

Club Penguin Field Ops

Elite Gear: The Elite Gear button located at the top-left corner represents Elite Penguin Force Gear which you can purchase using your medals. You can either buy elite gear from 1st slot: Agent gear or you can buy elite gear from the new 2nd slot: Tactical gear. These slots are located at the left of the Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone. You can collect 1 medal everytime you complete a Field Op.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Field-Ops: The Field-Ops button located at the top-right corner represents the popular Elite Penguin Force Field Ops. A Field-Op is a Mini challenge that is released every week on a Monday or Tuesday. You can use this button to start the newest Field Op.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Teleport: The Teleport button located at the midle-left represents Teleporting on Club Penguin. Using this button can get you to any main room on Club Penguin in just 5 seconds.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Recruit: The Recruit button located at the middle-right represents Recruiting other penguins that aren’t Elite Penguin Force Agents yet. Using this button transports you to the Postcards book, which you can then send to one of your buddies.

Club Penguin Field Ops

Elite Puffle: The Elite Puffle button located at the bottom-left corner represents the Black Elite Puffle. The Elite Puffle can only be called if you have purchased and unlocked the code from the Club Penguin Nintendo DS Game: Herbert’s Revenge. Like a normal puffle, it is shown on your playercard and is used as a hand item. When dancing, the puffle either welds or jumps through a fire hoop.

Club Penguin Field Ops

There are currently 7 buttons on the Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone.

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