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Club Penguin Elite Force Review

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Club Penguin Elite Force Review


Club Penguin, Disney’s MMO recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. It has the youngest gamers. The penguin community is comprised of children and adults due to its immense popularity among258922-club-penguin-elite-penguin-force people of all ages. A new adventure game has been born out of Club Penguin,
dubbed Elite Penguin Force. This new development is mainly for those that have been in the Club Penguin for some time. It is not for starters since it has its own share of challenges. It is ported to the DS as a new adventure game. It exposes the players to a whole new level of game world due to its immense adventure ability.

Features of Elite Penguin Force

As opposed to the former game whose center of interest is community socialization, Club Penguin on the DS (Elite Penguin Force) is a solo game where the player is solely responsible of all happenings in the game. Elite Penguin Force members go round the island as they offer assistance to other penguins in need.Players can cooperate during the game so as to derive maximum pleasure and fun. This is to help derive maximum fun from the game. After all the game is just for fun and nothing else. The members may even help unravel a mystery in their wandering of the island. It is fascinating to note that the members have new levels of mysteries to deal with in the Elite Penguin Force.

How to play

It is pretty much easy game to play if one is able to follow the instructions that are available. Graphically, nothing much goes on, but the game has a nice style and simplicity that works for the target population. Some vagueness and mystery makes the game somehow challenging especially for amateurs. You are called upon to read a lot before beginning the game so as to evade being stuck a lot in the game. Failure to understand the rules leads to wastage of time on one level hence the game might lose the EpfMenufun it is intended to create on the penguins. The speech bubbles spell the entire game for you, so you are called upon to be attentive to them. Every level is mysterious in its own way. Be vigilant on the instructions availed to you. Be cognizant of the fact that other penguins might outdo you if you overlook a single instruction.

Other games available during the elite penguin adventure

The penguin gets a chance to engage in other games during the elite penguin adventure. Several mini games are available. Some of the available mini games include a fishing game, snowboarding game, and a memorization game among others. Other interesting games in the adventure are the touch screen games which have enough fun in the context of the game. A player has the liberty of returning to either of the mini game at any one point, and that is the only way to earn some coins for the costumes of the game. Herein lays the motivation for the game.


Hey there! So here it is, another Disney Club’s fan. Well, no matter how much you love to play GTA Vice City or FIFA, the addiction of animated and cartoon games is still unmatchable. The cuteness overloaded type sentiment arouses whenever you come across such games. Now coming to my own self, I have loved playing games since childhood; whether I was too small for that came or not, I just have loved playing them and making them even better playing games with hacks. Games have always proved be the form of entertainment that won’t bore you out; you always are occupied with completing it and trying to finish the game or completing the level.
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