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Puffle Rescue

You can play Puffle Rescue at the Mine on Club Penguin:

How to play Puffle Rescue:

Here are the instructions for the Puffle Rescue mini game on Club Penguin:

Puffle Rescue Cheats:

The goal of Puffle Rescue is to make it to the other side of the board to save the puffle. Many of you may realize that it is very similar to a game called Frogger.

Once you have the puffle, bring it back to your starting point. There is a checkered flag which marks where you need to bring the puffle.

After you rescue your first puffle, you will get an extra life. On the other hand, it begins to get a bit more challenging. Red bumpers on the side which will knock your penguin off the moving ice if you hit it.

There will also be a shark which chomps and destroys the ice blocks in the center. However, these ice blocks regenerate after some time.

On the third level, logs will appear. You can jump on logs, they are basically like big ice blocks except you can move left and right on logs.

The other versions are members only and are slight modifications of the first one. In the second one, you have to hop on carts instead of ice blocks. Make sure not to fall!

The black puffle version has a secret to unlock a secret pin on Club Penguin. To do this, get the first puffle but do not return it. A giant squid will appear, which you will need to follow.

It’s very difficult to follow the squid without drowning, however there is one trick. Air bubbles will be released and float to the surface, so pop all of those and you won’t drown. When you make it there, go to the bottom left of the reef and enter the stairs.

Finally, you’ve made it underwater! Pick up the pin which will let you underground.

The room will always be open to you now that you have the secret moss pin.

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