Puffle Launch Cheats

Need help on beating the newest Club Penguin mini game, Puffle Launch? The Club Penguin Cheats guide will provide you with tons of information, tricks, hints, walkthroughs and much more to completing Club Penguin: Puffle Launch!

Club Penguin ‘Puffle Launch’ Guide

The Club Penguin game ‘Puffle Launch’ can be played at the Puffle Shop, in the top-right corner of your screen. Note that you must have at least one puffle to be capable of playing Puffle Launch. If you don’t have a puffle, you can easily buy one in the Adopt-A-Puffle Catalog located in the Puffle Shop.

Puffle Launch Cheats

Puffle Launch is divided into 3 categories: Blue Sky, Soda Sunset and Box Dimension. Each of them containing 12 levels which you must unlock one-by-one as you play. Blue Sky is the only category available to Non-Members, though.

How to play and how to complete a level:

The point of the game is very simple, but it gets more challenging as you go on. To shoot a puffle from cannon to cannon, press the Space Bar. You can also control where you want your puffle to go by using the left and right arrow keys while your puffle is in the air. To complete the level, you must blast your puffle through the Fire Hoop. Keep in mind that the more Puffle O’s you collect, the higher your score!

Puffle Launch Cheats

Types of cannons:

  • Green cannons stop your puffle, making it possible to aim the direction you want to blast your puffle next.
  • Blue cannons automatically blast your puffle in the direction it’s pointing to, making it harder to control your puffle as it can easily go out of bounds causing you to restart.
  • Red cannons also stop your puffle, but they have a special red beaming light which help you aim in the direction you want your puffle to go to.
  • Purple cannons stop your puffle and give you access to aiming where you want to shoot your puffle. To aim your cannon, use the left and right arrow keys.
  • Yellow/Black cannons are a checkpoint. It blasts your puffle as soon as it goes inside it but next time you lose your puffle, you will automatically start at the last “checkpoint cannon” you entered.

Puffle Launch Cheats

The Cannon

Once you’ve collected a certain number of Puffle O’s, you unlock a part of “The Cannon”. After you’ve collected all the parts to the cannon, you will have finished building The Cannon. You can view your progress by viewing the dark yellow bar underneath the level select and you can view what parts of the cannon you unlocked by clicking on the icon next to the dark yellow bar. It is still unknown what the cannon is used for once you obtain it. For more information, check out the image below.

Puffle Launch Cheats


Don’t forget, you can also earn Club Penguin Puffle Launch stamps! You can view the complete list of Club Penguin Puffle Launch stamps and how to achieve them by visiting the Club Penguin Cheats Stamps Guide page.


A good tip is to stay contentrated. If you get frustrated, you’ll easily lose the game. Don’t get mad over a game! It starts getting difficult around level 8, but it’s never a good option to give up.

Another good tip is to try multiple times. Like I said before, it gets rather difficult around level 8 so it’s important to try your best to memorize the level. After multiple attempts, you should be able to pass the level with no problem considering you will know what to do and when to do it.

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