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Aqua Grabber

Below are complete tips and cheats to getting tons of Club Penguin coins to the game Aqua Grabber. You can play Aqua Grabber in Club Penguin at the Iceberg.

When starting Aqua Grabber, you can pick 2 levels to play in, either Calm Waters or Soda Seas. The Soda Seas level is members only.

Bring your Pink Puffle with you to the game Aqua Grabber. The pink puffle saves you oxygen, which means water gets in the Aqua Grabber slower than normally.

While playing Calm Waters, you need to remember that you need to get a lot of bubbles to stay alive for a longer time, to find the main treasure.

You must find all of the Clams in the water, and take the pearls from them by pressing the spacebar. The best time to take the pearl from the clam would be when its mouth is opened at the fullest.

If you disturb the clam while it is awake, it will jump and not go back to sleep for a while.

Getting the Black Pearl:

One special clam out of all the other clams will have a special black pearl which earns you a bonus at the end of the level.

Here is where to find each clam:

  • The first clam is at the lower left of the net.
  • To find the 2nd clam, dive below the net and turn to the lower left when you see a yellow coral.
  • To find the 3rd clam, go directly down from the 2nd clam.
  • To find the 4th clam, go to the right of the 3rd clam, and rise up right before the red coral.
  • To find the last clam, go down from the 4th clam, and go back up after the red coral.

All of these pearls and 1 rock will give you extra coins. After you have grabbed all of the pearls, go to the very bottom of the water, and to the far left. There, you will spot the giant clam, and in it’s mouth will be the giant pearl.

Make sure you have the pearls and the rock, and put the rock in the clam’s mouth. Then retrieve the giant pearl.

After you have the pearl, take it to the very top and put it in the net.

Spotting the Giant Squid:

During the game, if you spot the Giant Squid you will earn the Squid Spotter stamp. The Giant Squid pops up once every 10 – 20 tries. You can only spot it on Clam Waters near the bottom.

The object of the Soda Seas game is to get all of the soda barrels in the net to clear the ocean, and then go all the way down to retrieve the gem, and bring it back to the net.

To pick up a soda barrel, press space on top of it. When bringing it up to the net, be careful not to hit any barriers or else the soda barrel will drop.

After you put it each barrel, the soda content in the water will become less, and the water will be more blue.

Here is where all of the soda barrels are hidden:

  1. The first soda barrel is hidden to the lower left of the net.
  2. The 2nd soda barrel is hidden at the bottom of the water, where the airbubbles are coming from.
  3. To find the 3rd soda barrel, go right from the 2nd one until you see the yellow corals, and then go up to the right past the red starfish.
  4. To find the 4th soda barrel, go down until you see the yellow corals, and then go to the right of them.
  5. To find the 5th soda barrel, go to the yellow corals at the far left.

After you find all 5 of the barrels, the water will be completely blue and you can descend below the yellow vines where the air is coming from, to get the purple gem.

To find the purple gem, you will have to go down to the puffer fishes, and then to the right.

Keep going to the right, and once you reach the huge puffer fish, go down.

The gem will be at the right. Pick it up, and bring it to the very top and put it in the net.

Capturing the Worm, Fluffy the Fish and the Mullet on Aqua Grabber:

To catch the Mullet on Aqua Grabber, follow the steps below.

  • Go on the level Soda Seas
  • Put all the barrel of soda’s into the net
  • Go to the left area
  • Hit the roof hard with your Aqua Grabber
  • Grab the worm that falls down

  • Find an area where Fluffy the Fish passes by
  • Hold the worm (bait) net to Fluffy the Fish

Fluffy the Fish will then take the bait and eat the worm. Now Fluffy should be on your Aqua Grabber’s claw.

  • Bring Fluffy the Fish to the lower-right area
  • Hold Fluffy the Fish next to the Mullet

The Mullet will then put Fluffy in his mouth. The Mullet should then be on your Aqua Grabber’s claw.

If you bang into anything while holding any of the objects, they will run away and you will have to re-do all the steps in a new level. Fluffy the Fish is a bit difficult to control because it swim around and tries to escape. You must be an excellent Aqua Grabber driver to control the Mullet. It takes practice, so don’t stress out!

Find the Crab’s Treasure

You can find the Crab’s secret treasure by going to through the passage way of where the Mullet is (you must capture the Mullet to do this). Go all the way to the bottom. If you grab all the crab’s gold, you will be earned a stamp. You have to be quick to obtain it all before he takes some of it!

Getting the Diamond

If you wait for the Crab to take all his treasure, he will be generous and give you a very rare item: A Diamond. Waiting for the crab to take all his treasure could take up to 5 minutes, so make sure to use the bubble on the roof of the area to regain some oxygen.

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