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Ever feel the need to chat with your buddies offline Club Penguin? Looking for a chat that allows you to talk about ALL things Club Penguin? Well, look no further! We here at Club Penguin Cheats have created a great chat for any penguin to use! Feel free to use the Club Penguin chat to discuss Club Penguin Cheats, glitches, secrets, catalog cheats, missions, money makers, tracking mascots, and anything else related to Club Penguin! However, just like Club Penguin, there are rules that everyone must follow to keep the chat safe and clean for everyone to use. It will make everyone’s experience at the Club Penguin Cheats chat even better. We hope you enjoy using our Club Penguin Chat!

Club Penguin Chat


Any word with a star (*) next to it has a definition near the bottom of the page.

  1. No swearing/cursing – Anyone caught swearing/cursing will immediately be banned for 24 hours. Continuously swearing after being banned will result in a permanent ban.
  2. *No spamming – Guys, please don’t spam. It’s annoying, rude, and there’s no point to it. It’s childish. Anyone caught spamming will be banned for 1 hour. Continuously spamming will result in a 24 hour ban. Spamming after a 24 hour ban will result in a permanent ban.
  3. *No bots – Any bots found will be permanently banned.
  4. No racism/religious offending – Please treat others the way you want to be treated. Making fun of somebody’s race or religion is not tolerated will result in major consequences.
  5. Be nice – This isn’t really a rule, it’s just common sense. If you’re mean and rude, you aren’t going to meet much friend on the chat. Be nice to others and you’ll have tons of fun on the chat.
  6. No Contests/Trading – The reason I bolded this rule is because it’s very important. There’s always at least one person that complains someone on the chat *scammed them. Even if we permanently ban the scammer, we cannot get your stolen stuff back and it’s not our responsibility. This is why we are banning all trading and contests from the chat, to preserve any scamming whatsoever.
  7. No sexual talk – Simple and to the point. Most of us are young and shouldn’t be talking about adult content. Any adult content found on the chat will result in a 72 hour ban. Continuously talking about adult content will result in a permanent ban.
  8. No Advertising/Links – You cannot post links unless they are on Club Penguin Cheats or Club Penguin. Advertising other Club Penguin Cheats blog, Xat chats, etc. are not permitted. Anyone caught advertising/posting links will be sent a warning and will be banned if they are caught again. Youtube links are aloud as long as they are appropriate.
  9. Do not ask for Moderator or Owner – Only Club Penguin Cheats staff members will be aloud to become Owner/Moderator. Staff members with roles Editor and higher will be Owners while authors will be Moderators. If we do not have enough Moderators on our chat, we will make a few Moderator to trust-worthy members.
  10. Respect your Moderators & Owners – Moderators & Owners such as Chrisdog93 , who protects you from any violence on the chat, the least you can do is respect them. A Moderator or Owner has the right to ban someone if that person is not being respectful to them.
  11. HAVE FUN! – The number one rule. The whole point of this chat is to have fun!
  • Spamming = Random, worthless talk that slows down the chat. (Example: FDJSLKFVEGFDHSGDJVWERFH is considered spam)
  • Bots = 2 or more accounts owned by the same person. We will know what account is a bot because the name will be invisible.
  • Scamming = Tricking another person into giving you something. (Example: 1 coin code for your penguin’s password. I give you a coin code, but you didn’t give me your password so I lost a coin code. This is a scamming)
  1. To register to the chat, you must login using the name you wish your account to be called,
  2. Next type /msg NickServ REGISTER yourdesiredpass youremail
    -> NOTE: This does not display in the main chat window
  3. Now hit enter!
  4. If it went successful, you will receive a message like this:

           [NOTICE NickServ]: is now registered to, with the password

Anyone who breaks one of the following rules will be banned from the chat for a certain amount of time. Repeat offenders will be banned forever. We want the chat to be fun for everyone, so please don’t ruin it for yourself! Anyway, We here at Club Penguin Cheats hope you enjoy using our Club Penguin Chat. We hope to see you keep coming back. Waddle on, penguins!

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  • January 10, 2015 at 3 weeks ago this anywhere on this site three times
    2.log in to club penguin
    3. go to server blizzard
    4.if full go to any other server exept the ones with safe chat
    5. type in chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN
    6. you will now have 1000,000 coins,50 items from the treasure book,forever membership
    it works!! duh!

    • January 11, 2015 at 3 weeks ago

      There’s artards like you on this website, scamming people so you can become a source of attention. Kill yourself.

  • January 14, 2015 at 2 weeks ago

    1-post this 3 (three,3) times anywhere on the website
    2- press f8 3 times
    3-log on to cp
    4-press f5 8t times
    5-now you will have 10
    years of membership, and puffle for free, 100,00000 free coins and anything from the treasure book!!!!

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