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The Most Anticipated Mmos For 2016 And There after

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The Most Anticipated Mmos For 2016 And There after Image

The Most Anticipated Mmos For 2016 And There after

To the lovers of MMOs, the year 2015 was somehow disappointing since the kind of releases that were done then were quite below par. A notable case was the Wild star which was a darling of the gaming community. However, the community in the game left the ship and this made the game to be a waste of innovation and technology. It is now a barren wasteland that has no fans. However, despite the disappointment that hit the fans in the gone year, this article will list some of the MMOs that we can’t wait to lay hands on. It has some of the mind blowing games that interesting to play and invest your time in. Not every game is worth your time. Choose wisely the game that you love. Ensure that the game you love has some educational content in it. Do not be so much after entertainment that you forgot the issue of grabbing some nice lesson that can keep you going. Here you go:

Blade & Soul

This is Korean martial arts MMORPG that is credited to NCsoft. It has been bas1in the market for several countries abroad. Since its inception in January 19, 2016, fans have been thrilled by its release. It has four benevolent animals namely the Lyn, the Gon, The Kun, and the Jin. It is more than a one trick pony. Good reports are coming from the community even though Blade & Soul has been in the closed beta for some time.

Black Desert Online

This is another MMORPG whose origin is Korea. Pearl Abyss is credited with its release. It was seen as though Black Desert Online had taken too long in its development stages since 2010. The game was released in Korea, Japan, and Russia in the January, 2016, and it has since been released to the rest of the countries from March 2016. It has twelve classes some of which are Plum, Ranger, Wizard, Tamer, Sorcerer, and Blader among others. The game has a parkour system that is similar to other games such as Darsiders and Prince of Persia. Players have the ability to explore, climb and interact with obstacles and buildings.  It is impressively dynamic having such large scale natural happenings such as hurricanes and typhoons that work to influence the style of play of the game.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

This is a game that set on a large open world. It is based on high flight of Pantheon_timagination. The game is intended to have a very large following by individuals who have group oriented content. It will be based on Terminus which is a world that is densely populated by heroes, heroines, and deities. The players will require extra skill and understanding to rise above the opponents. This game has not been formally released. Majority of the levels in this game will require team work so as to advance through the levels.

2016 promises more fun that boredom for the game lovers. Be part of the plan. Participate.


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