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Club Penguin Muppets World Tour Party Guide 2014

The anticipated Muppets World Tour takeover has finally arrived tonight and by the looks of it the Club Penguin community is loving the new party! Anyways, let’s get down to the real business by taking a guide through the party tonight.

When you first login to Club Penguin, Kermit will appear on your screen and introduce you to the party and what you’ll be able to do during the party.



After he tells you about the big finale that happens March 28, he shows us how we can participate in the finale. And you heard him right, we get to visit a bunch of different countries!



Here are what all the countries will look like when you click on the map. With the country Club Penguin has added their flags as well to help indicate which country is what.




After Kermit gives you the Passport, click on it. Here you can see when you will see the next Muppet character performance and what item you will equip along with that performance.


The first performance you can unlock will be with Fozzie Bear and he’s located at the Forest. When you waddle to the Forest, you’ll see he has a red exclamation mark above him – click on it.




When you click on the exclamation mark, he will pop-up on your screen and tell you about his favorite “slapstick shticks-cream pie throwing.” After that you can equip the pie and do a special dance once you click OK.



Once you click OK and exit the pop-up, click the D button on your keyboard and click on the dance button and you’ll be able to signify a pie sign above your penguin. Other penguins can see that and click on it to join your performance.




That’s all you have to do for tonight (performance-wise)! Here are all the rooms of the party.

Ski Village:




While visiting rooms you’ll also see Most Wanted pictures attached everywhere looking for criminal Constantine.













Gift Shop:




If you click the Museum merchandise such as the Royal items, the Golf Puffle items and the big jewelry, you’ll be approached by Constantine, one of the evil criminals of the Muppets. He’ll like your way of thinking of robbing the Gift Shop and give you his own significant background.





Here is what it will look like on your playercard.




Here are the rest of the party rooms

Snow Forts:




Extra Party Room/India:






Airport Security:







I really love how at this party you can visit different countries and get the taste of what other countries cultures are! What do you think of the Muppets World Tour? I thought it would be WAY different than expected! Let us know your thoughts in a comment below!

11 comments to Club Penguin Muppets World Tour Party Guide 2014

  • Gta006

    Awesome! I love Muppets! :)

  • ddd

    oh man! equipping the pie is only fo membas sh*t

  • Plum

    any non-member items???

    • Sledderboy

      You unlock them whenever you complete a dance or something. Click on the icons above the players name whenever they equip themselves.

  • Avalanche 10

    I think you mean gold Puffle not golf Puffle

  • DeathWish Gaming

    WOW!! Nothing for non-members! CP blew this one!

  • DeathWish Gaming

    Well take back my last comment-I did figure out how non members get items. You have to click on a member when they are equipping the cream pie ,microphone etc. Do it a few times and you get the prize and complete that character. Your Welcome

  • wibblywobbly

    anybody know kermit meet up times?

    • kitylover101

      They are on the Club Penguin blog-Kitylover101

  • kitylover101

    I know how to get in to the stage that they wont let you go through! Its very simple. You just teleport using your spy phone. Then click on stage! -kitylover101

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