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Club Penguin EPF Command Room Renovation Finished

Ever since Herbert P. Bear took down the EPF Command Room during Operation: Blackout in 2012, Club Penguin has been working very hard to renovate the Command Center and get EPF Agents back on track. After a year and a half of hard work Club Penguin has finished the room as well as finishing the design of the EPF Headquarters itself.



What do you think of the new design? Let us know in a comment below!

18 comments to Club Penguin EPF Command Room Renovation Finished

  • hi

    hi first hi

  • mrhi


  • gabriela

    Porque as missões não estão funcionando??Queria fazer missões que nem quando salvei os puffles da tia Arctic :/

  • Zipzappy56


  • loveydumpling

    fake the epf isnt even updated yet its still destroyed from the big coin crash.

    • Robert Mitrovski

      Becuase you have not got a really good computer if you do you dont care for your computer why NOT clear your cache FOR once NOOB if you dont know how to clear it YOUR A BIG BIG BIG NOOB GET OF THE INTERNET

      • Police Penguin

        That was mean! Stop being mean, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all! That makes you a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG NOOB if you’re going to be act like that

        • Robert Mitrovski

          That was mean of you i was telling him why he could not see the updates AND DON’T FORGET

          life gets harder………

          • Waddle Dee48

            “OH MY GOSH YOU WERE MEAN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!! I’M TELLING MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!”

        • Tower

          The comments on this website are full of idiocy.

          • Waddle Dee48

            Yep. So many little kids going all “OMG YOUR A NOOB POOPY HEAD!1”

  • FIre Queen

    Why is there a jail cell in the bottom left corner? Anyway, I think the first epf hq looked much better, but I’m happy that the building is finally repaired :).

    • Vollypink CP

      witch one theres been six differnet HQ including the destroyed ones

  • ad0304

    Lovey It is repaired… Your computer is just too slow to see it

  • staryellow11

    can someone tell me where the old PCA mission are like the case of the missing puffel or the case of the missing coins did they get rid of them or just hidden somewhere?

    • Robert Mitrovski

      click on blog and then fun staff

  • chrisdog5016

    They need to be more active dayum cpcp.

  • Guest


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