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During one of Spike Hike’s most recent meet up events with the Club Penguin community, he announced that the Fair will return in February 2014, straight after the January 2014 Prehistoric Party.

Club Penguin Exclusive – Fair Returning to Club Penguin in February 2014

Club Penguin Exclusive – Fair Returning to Club Penguin in February 2014

Thank you to Oil999 for the image.

Fantastic! The Club Penguin Fair has always been one of my most favourite Club Penguin events, and I’m extremely happy that it will make a comeback. Since it was missed this year, in 2013, I’m positive that the Club Penguin team will work extra-hard on it to make it appealing to all penguins! Don’t you?

Waddle on,


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  • Oil999CP

    Thanks for the credits! I’m looking forward to the Fair!

  • dicks gone wild

    mee too

  • Brownie91666

    you can’t get the train tracks in the as a special coins for change item, pliz fix this cp

    • superawesomegurl

      they fixed now. kinda.. just wait the next day and try to get it. thats what i did

  • FIre Queen

    Great! I was really disappointed about the Fall Fair being canceled, so I’m happy their making up for it with a sort of ‘Winter’ Fair. I hope 2014 is a better year for CP.

    • superawesomegurl

      me too!

  • Marsha Mellow

    Yeah, I can’t get the train tracks either XP

  • lucy flower2

    I was exited for the fair last year, that is until it was canceled! But im super glad cp is makeing up for it!

  • lucy flower2

    But does “Spike” work for Cp? if not, how does he know?? :I