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Color of Club Penguin’s New Puffle Confirmed!

Federflink1 has released a post talking about a new puffle coming to Club Penguin! People have been wondering what color this new creature will be. The puffle shall arrive to the island later in the month of November!

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 12.21.45 PM

In the newspaper, a picture is shown saying that there are new Gold O’Berry Bushes! It could be a possibility that the new puffle is a Golden one!

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 12.26.09 PM

It is official that the new puffle IS golden! Club Penguin has updated the membership page with a picture showing the new puffle.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 12.27.34 PM

This means the golden puffle is not longer a myth! Are you planning on getting the new colored creature? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Until the next post, waddle on!

20 comments to Color of Club Penguin’s New Puffle Confirmed!

  • Le amazing penguin

    First and a GOLDEN PUFFLE!?!?So getting one the MINUTE it comes out XD Jk Im NOT that obsessed…

  • Flre Queen

    It’s pretty obvious it is the Gold puffle. Why is CP pretending it’s a mystery? Anyway, I hope the there is a good adventure to find the new puffle. And WHEN is the Fall Fair coming?!! It’s one of my favorite parties and the first one I ever went to!

    • CoolDude

      Theres no fall fair unfortunately :(. They re-arranged schedules of some parties and they had the medieval one instead.

      • Guest

        Sorry but CP is not going to do a fall fair this year. Polo field said they were going to do an original party for November, but on the members page it says they’re doing Operation Puffle for November. In Operation Puffle Herbert hypnotizes the Puffles.

  • penguin05

    digging? outdoor? HEIGHTS?

    upcoming party must be mountain expedition!

    • Guest

      or something else…

    • CoolDude

      It is a mountain expedition. I looked on a site with new database items and they were the mountain expedition ones. So im guessing that november 6th’s catalog is a mountain expedition one, as the adventure to find the golden puffle will be on November 14th!

      • Avalanche 10

        Sorry to take the air out of your balloon, but the members page says that starting November’s party is Operation Puffle

    • Avalanche 10

      Sorry they’re doing Operation Puffle for this months party

    • JoannieHeart

      wow that would be awesome!

  • pengu

    like a puffle spilled on gold

  • le puffle-penguin

    i love the color!

  • Rooo

    I hope that it will be aviable for non-members too 😀

    • Avalanche 10

      It won’t. Because on the members page it says The Golden pufflle will be for members only

  • Ad0304

    I need that puffle,but it’s only for members.
    In other game like cp,they at least let you be a member for a day and give you a pet of your choice. I Protest that the gold puffle should not only be for members but as well as non members should have it!

  • Pennyop

    hey guys it is the camping party coming next

    • Avalanche 10

      Sorry to take the air out of your balloon, they’re doing Operation Puffle for November. In Operation Puffle Herbert hypnotizes all the Puffles and controls them.

  • JoannieHeart

    ooh I can’t wait! But I’m like crying cause its for members only!!!! :(

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