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Club Penguin Rookie Meetup Times: Halloween Party 2013

As many of you may know, the 2013 Halloween Party is soon coming to Club Penguin. Gary will not be attending this year’s party, but Rookie will! The Halloween Party extends from October 17 to the 31st. The meetups begin on the first day of the party until the 23rd. After 5 days, there will be more. All of these times are in Penguin Standard Time. Check out the times below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 11.23.33 AM

Saturday, October 19

  •  3:00am on the server Northern Lights
  •  12:30pm on the server Rainbow
  •  3:00pm on the server Cloudy

Sunday, October 20

  •  1:00pm on the server Frosty

Monday, October 21

  •  9:30am on the server Jack Frost
  •  5:00pm on the server Wool Socks

Tuesday, October 22

  •  2:00am on the server Sherbert
  •  9:30am on the server Chinook

Wednesday, October 23

  •  9:30am on the server Fog

Monday, October 28

  •  9:30am on the server Fog

Tuesday, October 29

  •  1:00am on the server Fog
  •  9:30am on the server Chinook

Wednesday, October 30

  •  3:00am on the server Cozy
  •  9:30am on the server White Out

Thursday, October 31

  •  2:00am on the server Sherbert
  •  9:30am on the server Fog

Here are several more meetup times but these time are in Central European Time! To find out what time is it in PST, add 3 hours.

Saturday, October 19

  • 12pm on the server Jour De Neige (FR)

Monday, October 21

  • 5pm on the server Gletscher (DE)

Wednesday, October 23

  • 3:45pm on the server Lawine (DE)

Monday, October 28

  • 5:30 pm on the server Eiszeit (DE)

Thursday, October 31 (Halloween)

  • 5pm on the server Handschuhe (DE)

Don’t forget that the times are in Penguin Standard Time and the ones just above are in Central European Time. I’m super excited for the Halloween Party! How about you? I’m looking forward to meeting Rookie and I also hope he has a new background! Will you be attending any of the meetups? Will you be collecting all the costumes during the party? For information on where Rookie is located, check back to our tracker! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Until the next post, waddle on!

5 comments to Club Penguin Rookie Meetup Times: Halloween Party 2013

  • Unknown

    I don’t need these times. I’ve already met Rookie! LOL

  • Greenncool

    This kind of takes away the fun of randomly meeting a CP mascot. But it makes it more easier. Then again, why should I care, I don’t meet mascots anymore. I’m lazy. :p

  • Happy77

    Hope you guys are ready for Halloween!
    Waddle On!

  • yake

    it’s sherbet not sherbert , more like herbert !get it?

  • Billybob

    Hey Penguins!
    Good News!! The Recycle Center Will Come Back to the island!!
    Date : January, 2014

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