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Teasers of Club Penguin’s 2013 Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam

Club Penguin have recently revealed that August 2013’s party is going to be the 2013 Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. Across the web, news websites have been posting about this Disney update and have also released some exclusive sneak peeks! As we thrive to give you the latest Club Penguin sneak peeks, gossip and exclusives here at ClubPenguinCP we’re proud to release some exclusive sneak peeks of the upcoming Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Takeover.

First of all, we can see that member penguins will be able to party in an exclusive backstage area on Club Penguin during the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Takeover. Here’s a poster showing some more information:


Next up there’s an image of Ross Lynch and his character’s (Brady’s) penguin cutout:


Next we can see Teen Beach Movie star Chrissie Fit with her character’s (CheeChee’s) penguin cutout:


Here are the two together with their penguin cutouts:


Here’s a cutout of Brady as a penguin:


Brady also has a poster dedicated to him:


Here’s an image of CheeChee:


Here’s a cutout of McKenzie – I really like her calm flowered patterned dress in this image!


The last noteworthy image on the Clevver TV website has to be the one of Cadence with her Ice Cool surf board! She’s also wearing her new penguin t-shirt!


Those are some super cool teaser images of the Club Penguin 2013 Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam if you ask me, it makes me really want to meet McKenzie and Brady even more! Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to meet CheeChee as well! What are your thoughts and opinions on these teaser images? Let us know in the comments as we’d love to hear your thoughts.

4 comments to Teasers of Club Penguin’s 2013 Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam

  • mandogy

    Yes, Cadence will be their, 2 new bgs to get!

  • Ugh

    Really? Some high school musical ripoff takeover? I miss the old cp with parties directed at everyone, not just silly no-future girls

  • Trousers156

    Partly, I understand what you mean. But it’s boring if things never change! And it’s NOT a takeover! Or a High School Musical ripoff (oh alright maybe it is, I don’t like the sound of the movie either). And it is definitely NOT just for silly no-future girls (ok, have it your way it is a bit)

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