Posted by Moneydude8 on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 8:29PM PST | Comments (3)

Club Penguin has updated their homepage to advertise the new Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam coming to the island August 22. Brady and McKenzie from Teen Beach Movie star in the new homepage holding up unreleased surfboards on Club Penguin, with a huge wave in the background. Check it out:

Club Penguin New Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Homepage


In my opinion, McKenzie and Brady look just like the real characters based off the movie on Disney Channel, don’t they? Tell us what you think about the homepage in a comment below!

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  • tarun87548

    first comment and it looks cool

  • me alyssa

    it is going to be good

  • me alyssa

    I think it will be a sickses