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Club Penguin August 2013 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

It’s a new month, and Club Penguin has released their newest Penguin Style Catalog with Summer-Themed outfits for member penguins to wear for the new Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam party releasing later this month! Here is the cover of the new Penguin Style Catalog for this month:



Here are the new background available for this month which any penguin can collect. Just 60 coins each, and it will be added to your inventory in the Background selection!



As for the hidden items, there are three hidden items in all this month. The first one is located on the purple penguin’s right flipper, hitting up a beach ball. The hidden item will be a Floral Bikini!



The second hidden item is located on the blue penguin’s foot. Once you click it, the hidden item will be Black Top Sneakers!



The last one, and personally my favorite, is located on the Blue Star Swimsuit. Once you’ve clicked that, the hidden item will be the Hawaiian Shirt!



So what do you think of this month’s Penguin Style Catalog? What were your favorite items? Let us know in a comment below!

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