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Club Penguin: Puffle Digging Tips

Hey penguins!  I have some exclusive tips for finding coins and items on Puffle Digging, the new feature where your puffles can dig up items around the island!  The first tip I have is that you want an older puffle with you.  I know this because I emailed Club Penguin asking for some tips in the game, and they said that the older your puffle is, the easier it is to find items!  Another tip is if you hold still or dance/sit for about 1 minute, then walk around, you should find some items.  This isn’t confirmed, but it seems to work quite a lot when I do it.

What do you think of Puffle Digging so far?  Have you found any rare items?  Let us know in the comments below!

24 comments to Club Penguin: Puffle Digging Tips

  • Anthony1889

    Thanks to your tips, I found a pinata and funny face glasses!!! Thank you!

  • i think it aswome i love it so cool!!!

  • Pinakwhite

    I wish I kept my old puffle! I had too many and I made one go back to the wilderness for the rainbow puffle…:( But the dancing/sitting tips work great :)

  • jean13star

    I found a pot of gold igloo item

  • Sonitrol

    You’re all welcome for the tips! Hopefully you all get some really cool items! =)

  • I found three lava lamps,the jolly roger flag,and some pinatas.Im trying this stuff out right now!

  • ben 92763

    My puffles are old. It should be easy for me to find items.

  • yerm

    the chances of finding items are decided by how old your puffle is and how long you remain in a single spot. if your puffle is a year old, it will have a better time finding items than a day old puffle. if you stay in a single spot for about 30 seconds to a minute, your chances will increase

    • yerm

      but no matter how hard you try, you will never get a rate of 100%

  • Jae Shay

    I got a pinata and a Big Bad Wool costume!! 😀

  • Chalkohead10

    i got 3 mexican vases,3 pinatas, an umbrella hat, a jet pack, funny face glasses, and a lava lamp. thnz for the tips:)

  • jess

    I can only find coins how are you guys getting items?

    • You have to be a member of CP to get items

      • Jess

        I am a member! So i don’t know why I’m only getting coins

  • w

    old as in you had it for a while or old as in came out first?

  • MrRevenger

    Only members can get items :(

  • indi1040

    as iv been playing since 2009 it seems I have nearly every item you can find already lol

  • indi1040

    also im using my orange puffle from march 16 2011

  • Lmkdesign

    I NEED help finding the diva sunglasses!!!!!! I really want them and can’t find them anywhere!!! Any tips?

  • bellae2004

    I got tiara, I need one of those rare coats though and another tip is, go on a server with less people.

  • eliz102

    I got a star necklace, white diva sunglasses and plenty of coins in gonna try staying still for a minute the moving :)

  • i found a rockopper puppet 200 coins and bunny slipers

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