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Club Penguin Releases ‘My Penguin’ App For iPad

I was browsing around the App Store today, when I remembered that Club Penguin have released their newest application on the App Store. The app is called ‘My Penguin’ and is currently only for iPad 2 or higher and iPad Mini. You can purchase the app by clicking here. The app is completely free and has many awesome features. In this post, I’ll be telling you about some of them. To download the free app, head on over to the App Store and search ‘My Penguin’. It won’t be the top result at the moment as it was only released earlier on today. Keep scrolling down and you should find it. If you are having trouble looking for it, click on the filter and search for free apps. It should be in the top free results. The icon for the app is a penguin with the Disney logo opposite. Once you’ve found the app, click on the download button and it will being installing. It could take up to five minutes, so be patient. When it’s completed, click on the app and it will open up. After a few seconds, a screen like the one below should appear.


Click on the outline of the penguin, with the text ‘Tap to Log in’ below it. Then you can enter your username and password and it will add your penguin’s account to the app. This is so you can upload coins onto your penguin account by playing the mini games. You can also, buy items from the catalog and add friends via this application. Once your penguin account is connected, it should look like this, with your penguin replacing the outline of the previous penguin.


As you can see there are heaps of features on this app. Once you’ve downloaded it, the mini games should automatically begin to download (as you can see in the picture above, Puffle Rescue didn’t quite finish downloading before I took the screenshot). I will now show you a few cool features that are included with this app. Firstly, you can accept buddy requests, send requests to other penguins or even check how your buddies are looking ie. what they are wearing.


Next up, we have some games on this app. Currently we have Puffle Rescue, Puffle Roundup and Ice Fishing, although the team are working on some more games that are already on the island. Below is a screenshot of the intro screen for Ice Fishing:


Also on this app, you can access the ‘Penguin Style’ catalog. It is a bit different to the online version and even has an exclusive items page with items that you can’t currently get on the island. You can purchase anything in this catalog even if you aren’t a member, which is pretty cool!


Last but not least, you can add up to four other penguin accounts to this app, which is also a nice feature.


Overall, I think this app was very well designed and has many great features, options and settings. How do you like the new ‘My Penguin’ app? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

5 comments to Club Penguin Releases ‘My Penguin’ App For iPad

  • Its really annoying that its only on iPad!!! i wish it could be on iPhone’s, iPods, and definitely Android!!! Just not fair!

    • you r so right! i have android but i think it wont be in the result i been looking for :(

      • Emrys2002

        I’ve heard that the cp team are working on my penguin for ipod touch, iphone, and android so all you have to do is stay tuned :)

  • Its so annoyin it needs a fronf facing camera and gyroscope

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