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Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 Task 4 – Relax With Your Puffle and Adopt A Rainbow Puffle!

After you had to wait 18 hours for the next task after you’ve finished Feeding Your Puffle, you are ready for the last and final task. All you have to do is relax with your puffle and sleep. How much easier can this get? Grab your puffle, go to the Puffle Rooftop, and sleep with your puffle in a cozy chair.


After you’ve done that you can collect your coins and finish your Puffle Pro outfit and get a bag of Puffle O’s which has a special move!


Once you wear the Puffle O bag alone (with no other clothes on), dance and you will get to maintain a special move!


Now, what Club Penguin users have been waiting for for almost 7 years, is to adopt the Rainbow Puffle! Head on over to the Cannon on the right of the Rooftop and be shot into the Cloud Forest!


Once you’ve been shot out of the Cannon, you will arrive at the Cloud Forest where all the Rainbow Puffles will be hanging out. To your surprise, the Rainbow Puffle will actually come up to YOU and choose YOU as their owner! How cool is that?


Once you adopt the Rainbow Puffle, it will ask you for a name you would like to name it. I named mine Sparkles but here are some other names that would work well.

  • Wonder
  • Magical
  • Sparkles
  • Skittles

and so on.


After that you can decide to take it on a walk or take it to your igloo. Here’s what the Puffle Catalog says about the Rainbow Puffles personality.


Are you excited to finally have the one and only Rainbow Puffle? I was so excited to log on today and finally adopt one. What did you name your Rainbow Puffle? Let us know in a comment below.


27 comments to Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 Task 4 – Relax With Your Puffle and Adopt A Rainbow Puffle!

  • Penquinoxey

    I can’t get it >:(

    • Emma72351

      Sorry about that. :( I think that’s because you’re not a member.

    • roger70706

      it wont come to me

  • Marcusie 101

    How much is it and how come I cant get it?

    • awesome231

      well marcuise 101 first of all you have to be a member second of all its free

  • @Marcusie 101, It’s for members. Are you a member?

  • Marcusie 101

    @Kaity Kalamity, Yes I am a member but I have to wait until 2:22 in the morning to do task 4.

    • Marcusie 101

      Also, it is for non members and members.

      • Polofield

        Sorry Marcusie 101, it is for members only :(

        • Marcusie 101

          @polofield Oh, Thanks,I thought is was for both. (I am a member)

  • bob79439

    I hope they bring out a golden puffle next!

    • Turtletale

      Actually, the Dragon Puffle is next! It will come during the Midevil Party 2013!! YAAY!!

  • Waddle Dee48

    I bet you all my coins (57739 coins) that I’ll never get a Rainbow Puffle. I CLEARLY beat task 3 but it decided “LOLNOPE LET’S MAKE HIM DO TASK 2 AND WAIT 18 MORE HOURS AGAIN IT’LL BE FUNNY!”

  • Jellibean24

    CP ISNT FAIR. I forgot to do the last two tasks, and now I have to wait 36 more hours to do them.

    • Waddle Dee48

      IKR! >:(

      • cp lover!

        Same! And I DID do my tasks!

        • Tara21

          CP should let us do all the tasks all together and let everyone have one (I am a member but non members should have it to)

    • H2d5

      Well check my iggy but be my friend because in July 1I’m having a cheats and your gonna help me with it:)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah right, Jellibean24. Blaming CP when it’s clearly your fault for forgetting to do the tasks, makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • sun flower50

    I am a member and I had the rainbow puffle 2 days ago its AWESOME!!

  • Emma72351

    Wow!!! I can’t wait to get a rainbow puffle they seem so cool!

    P.S. Moneydude8 thanks for giving the rainbow puffle personality. 😉

  • Jellibean24

    Hey, I’m just suggesting that they make it so everyone can do it TOGETHER.

  • tefno2

    No fair when i was on the last task all my tasks restarted but i still have all the clothing.}:(

    • Waddle Dee48

      That happened to me too!

  • Waddle Dee48

    YES! I finally got one. 😀

  • moneydude8 im sorry i didnt visit you yesterday saturday,i had to go to the gym from morning until evening,furthermore even though i didnt get to meet you on clubpenguin ,you still rock dude.



  • yangyang2001

    ARGH! I used to be a member but now I forgot the last 2 weeks and I’m a nonmember without anytime to complete the task and the fastest I can become a member is tonight and I nearly threw my computer out the window! Ive been playing for YEARS and WAITING FOR A RAINBOW PUFFLE ANS NOW I CAN”T GET ONE! C’MON CP I MEAN IT!

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