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Club Penguin: Two Pins This Week – Or not

Club Penguin have recently tweeted that there will be not one but two new pins this week! This should be a one time thing, but we’ll just have to wait. Maybe in the future we could have a pin a week – one goes, one comes. Each one stays for two weeks.

Club Penguin: Two Pins This Week – Or not

This new Club Penguin tweet reads:

Bonus pin week! This week we’ll be launching TWO hidden pins. W00t! Retweet to help spread the word… Club Penguin: Two Pins This Week – Or not ^Polo Field

Awesome! I like the fact that we get two new Club Penguin pins this week. What about you? Feel free to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.

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  • Trousers156

    Yay awesome!
    (P.S first for the first time!)

  • Greenncool

    I think it’s puffle pins, like they had two years ago. :)

  • reper campo

    Last time I saw two pins in a week was in 08/04/2011

  • rachel4560

    Really that’s so cool. Hey did anyone see Gary? I’m trying to track him.

    • me

      iv’ e saw him

  • http://None Pizza Lover8

    I don’t get it, what i think is that there will be two pins this week?

    • Pinkluv16

      I hope it’s true I can’t wait!!! And that 1st 2nd and 3rd thing is really annoying I mean it’s not like your a winner or anything

      • Blueblueblue1786

        Yup it KINDA is… But anyways I can’t wait!!! :) WADDLE ON!!!

  • http://clubpenguin goober89223

    P.S. i dont think it will be PUFFLES, im not sure what it will be, but im exited for it!

  • Trousers156

    Yeah sorry.

    • Trousers156

      That was meant to be sent to Pinkluv16

  • Pinkluv16

    O it’s okay! I meant to send it to goober89223 but anyways congrats on being first :D