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Club Penguin Book: Agent Rookie’s Secret Mission

Club Penguin is currently working hard on releasing their latest book, named “Agent Rookie’s Secret Mission”. We haven’t really seen a new book in a while, and this is a great surprise. Hopefully it will be released publicy sometime in 2013, but not worldwide. Let’s hope most of the countries will be provided with this new book, as it is believed that it will be an exciting one! Read below for more information.

Here is an official summary by Club Penguin:

Agent Rookie is on the case! As an agent with the Elite Penguin Force, Rookie is eager to help keep Club Penguin safe from harm. But he needs your help with solving this latest mission. There are plenty of twists and turns and villains to thwart. The choice is yours!

  • It has 80 pages.
  • It gets published on the 10th January 2013
  • Tracey West is the author of the book.

Wow, that’s real soon! Yes, it’s beeing released on January the 10th, four days from now. I’m very excited and I’ll be sure to buy it. What about you? Let us know in the comments.

17 comments to Club Penguin Book: Agent Rookie’s Secret Mission

  • pattyhardy

    cool hope it comes out in the U.K


  • penguino

    Oo parare ser muito legal com essas trapalhadas do Rookie e parece ser que a Epf estara de volta e nova de acordo com a capa

    • This is English translation:
      Oo seems pretty cool with the mess and the Rookie seems that the EPF’ll be back and new under the hood

  • penguin Ö

    Brasil. Epf nova ?

  • Are you Portuguese

    Eu nasci em Portugal mas agora estou a viver ca na Englaterra. FELIZ ANO NOVO!

    • katelyngatinho

      aloha eu não sou português

    • meebling3000

      Gostaria de saber quando eles vão dar mais códigos do livro?Eu realmente quero desbloquear todos os livros. Eu só preciso de um mais, mas agora esses dois novos livros pararam de mim e agora eu preciso de 3.

  • Magnet8824

    Will there be a prize if you unlock it?

  • Zhakest

    Are you guys going to do a page cheat thingy like the other book cheats so we can acsess the book page on club penguin and enter the word on a certain page and stuff?

    • Yeah thats what i was wandering
      are you gonna do the book codes for PH’s great puffle search and Agent Rookie’s
      secret mission?

  • meebling3000


  • lianne


  • What’s the big point it only sells in The UK

  • jp14felix

    Vai por os códigos?

  • pepsi60437

    Ola eu sou portugues e eu mora em englaterra .
    I am so excited for the new epf book to come out!

  • luany7

    É bem legal 😀

  • iaia

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