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Club Penguin Polo Field’s Field Friday

Club Penguin’s Polo Field has recently tweeted about Field Friday, his weekly event where we can all meet up with him for a little while. Today, the server is Fjord and he is currently at his igloo.

The tweet above reads:

It’s the amazingly tiny igloo! Check out my iggy on the map on Fjord. Happy #FieldFriday!

Awesome, Field Friday is taking place right now with Polo Field so be sure to waddle on to check that out. What do you think about Field Friday? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.

8 comments to Club Penguin Polo Field’s Field Friday

  • First!

  • Abbey


  • Drakularrr


  • wernyko


  • Fire 959

    I MISSED IT!! Please Can Polo Field Come On Another Day Please, Please.

    -Fire 959

  • WOOP!


  • tonjl12


  • EIGHT!!!!!

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