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Free 7 Day Membership From Club Penguin

Thanks to a friend of mine on Twitter he notified me that the Club Penguin team has sent him a one hundred percent legit and working free seven-day membership for Club Penguin! How awesome is that? Club Penguin just randomly sent him and a few other lucky penguins a seven day membership. Remember, Club Penguin did not send everyone a membership code but just in case they did send you one make sure to ask your parents if they received an e-mail form Club Penguin regarding a seven-day membership if they did you should receive a picture like this in the e-mail:

Didn’t get the e-mail? Don’t worry about it. Maybe Club Penguin might send you one later on in the Holiday party so you can enjoy the party to the fullest! I must say Club Penguin is really freaking me out at the moment about how nice and generous they are being. They first gave us heaps of virtual items when we purchase a membership, they also are giving us a £10 discount from Disney Stores in the United Kingdom and they are even giving a few penguins an absolutely free seven-day membership! What do you think Club Penguin has install for us next? Don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know!

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