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EPF Update: Jet Pack Guy Captured

Attention all EPF agents! We have terrible news, another Club Penguin EPF mascot has been captured by Herbert! And it is honestly awful to inform you that Jet Pack Guy has been officially captured by Herbert! Which means the Director is the only one left to capture!

We must stay strong agents! If Herbert doesn’t capture the Director then we could win Club Penguin back over! Don’t lose hope! How do you feel about Jet Pack Guy being captured? Make sure to comment and let us know!

PS: The Director appears to be frozen but that’s just a glitch! She has not been captured yet!


11 comments to EPF Update: Jet Pack Guy Captured

  • an 1225

    oh no now herbert i wont leave u anymore

    • Who will be next, I forgot,or not say me plz!
      Second and noone will be first again:)

      • SHE??SHE!!!! WHAT DO you meAN by SHE???? This unresistable!!!!!!

  • !!!!

    Is this my picture?

  • Joyfluffy

    FIRST! (since no 1 called it) and i obviously think that the director (aunt arctic) isnt frozen cuz that video showed up 😀 but im sad that jet pack guy got captured

    • You ain’t first!! Because my comments above yours!!!!!

  • Nash2003


    • billybo k

      Sher??? What is SHER?????? 😐
      P.s. How some one make emoticon???

      • PIE

        you just did = w= b

      • asad123

        He Means For Sure

  • Colin402

    Where do you see that? Please reply me!

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