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Club Penguin Operation Blackout: Chapter 4

Attention all EPF agents, as you all should know today is November 20 and that means chapter 4 for Operation Blackout has finally began! But its okay, don’t panic because I, Jermaine10 is here to give you all the cheats so you can complete chapter 4! Firstly, you need to log into Club Penguin. Once you have done that a message like this should appear on your screen:

This is easy! All you have to do is click “Equip” and “Go There”

Now, your penguin should be in a room that looks exactly like this:

Now all you have to do is walk to that computer and complete the challenge. Once you have finished moving the security blocks you must pass the key through the lock as shown in the pictures below:

Finally! Done! Now all you have to do is pass they key through the key hole. Once you have done that, walk towards the door with the read lasers. It should turn green like shown in the picture below:

Walk through the door into the other room, and you’ll see another computer. Walk towards it and do the activity just like last time only this time its a little bit different. It should look like this when you’ve finished:

Yay! You have completed chapter 4 on Operation Blackout! I am extremely proud of each and every one of you! Maybe there is still hope that Herbert won’t take over Club Penguin! What do you think? Make sure to comment and tell us!


14 comments to Club Penguin Operation Blackout: Chapter 4

  • Nim


    Thanks a lot for the cheats! It was very helpful!


  • Awesome

    Not to offend you guys or anything but you’re a little late.The thing I’m curious ’bout is…WHY?

    • Rosey9558

      They’re not late. You are. If I did my math right you looked at this at around 5 in the morning. They had this up 12:40 A.M.

  • lol

    Guys hear this: they have not updated the clubherbert website since herbert blew up the epf building!! gary, dot, and rookie are not all crossed off on his list. only gary is!

  • Elisabeku

    Can anybody answer me: Is it possible to do missions (the old ones) right now? Or bc of Herbert no?

    • Toau0

      Not 4 now.
      Maybe after the party…..
      But not 4 now.

  • teddymax

    Why will it not let me walk through the door after the first challenge?

  • i cant get the brown sleeping house




      sry i did not know that comment was all in capital letters

  • kittymg

    The lasers are green, but I can’t get through. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Joe 4324

      I had the same problem!!

      • coolbob12346

        Me toooo!

        • anonymouse

          Me too! i get stuck on the yellow thing

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