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Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats

It’ s began, and we have the Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats for you! Log in to Club Penguin and you’ll be greeted with a briefing from the Elite Penguin Force which they must have quickly prepared. Let’s save that for later, firstly, open up your Elite Penguin Force phone and you shall see “Attention! Field Ops are offine.” Click “Go There”, anyway. You should be taken to the Elite Penguin Force where the VR Room has been destroyed, aswell as the Club Penguin Field Ops board!

Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats:

Uh oh! I guess it’s time to read the briefing that we have been provided with. Below is a list of dates of when what has happened and what we must do.

  1. November 8th: Gary was kidnapped!
  2. November 15th: EPF Command Room Destroyed
  3. November 15th: Herbert Activated Solar Laser

What we must do:

  1. Infiltrate Herbert’s Base and Shut it Down

The first page of the briefing is the page which displays the information above.

The second page, titled “1”, (Accessed via the bar on the right) contains the task of firstly wearing either a Herbert or Klutzy outfit and then following the instructions noted below.

The orders say:

Slip past Central Lock Down through the vent system.

Find Security Terminal 1 and shut it down.

We are given a map to look at on that page too.

Click “Go there” prior to accessing the map, and then once you have entered the room. Then turn back around and exit via the door on the right. You will then be in the room with a pool.

Then follow the trail of arrows in to the next room, which is at the top right hand corner of the room. You will then be in a small room where you can access the Security Terminal!

Enter the Security Terminal and you’ll be greeted with the screen below.

Move the long block that blocks the straight connection from the key and the keyhole. Then drag the key and place it in the hole.

That’s today’s mission done, you can come back on the 16th in order for another mission and more Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats.

Waddle over to either the Lighthouse or the Dock and access the special catalog which sells the following items:

  • Capture Equipment
  • Puffle Care Cap
  • First Aid Kit
  • Snowboard Helmet
  • Ski Patrol Jacket
  • Puffle Care Sash

There is one cheat in this very small Club Penguin catalog, and it can be accessed by clicking on either of the bottom two holes in the piece of paper saying “Special Move”, in the top, right hand corner of the page. The item is called “Rappelling Gear”.

In your briefing, there are another five pages of missions. They are listed below however none of them are available yet.

November 16th:

November 18th:

November 20th:

November 22nd:

November 24th:

There are also various awesome Club Penguin Operation Blackout party rooms, so be sure to check them out. What do you think about Operation Blackout so far and do you think Hebert is going to succeed with his plans? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.

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  • Where could I find the briefing?

  • Chunta123

    It’s over now.It ended on 3rd december

  • it already over now

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