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Club Penguin: Herbert’s Website Is Updated Again

Club Herbert, the website of the island’s enemy, has been updated once more. As expected, the last two penguins on the list titled “To Capture”  have had their pictures stuck above the screen, with the Director at the end of the chain of pictures. There is also a note saying “Who is the Director?”. Well, who is he?

Operation Blackout has now started on the island, be sure to hop on to check it out! What do you think about this Club Herbert update? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love hearing from you and your penguin buddies.

23 comments to Club Penguin: Herbert’s Website Is Updated Again

  • BAF

    The director is really Dot! And btw FIRST!

    • felipe1302

      I herd it’s Aunt Artic…


  • Third! It’s an honor. The director is klutzy? who knows…

  • Fourth it is dot of course

  • wisp


  • wazeed

    dot mite be in diguise

  • Karrie1033

    i don’t think dot is the director… but aunt arctic may not be her too :/ i’m confused like herbert

    • Agent C2000c

      Dot Cant be it has to be aunt artic look at the old newspaper in the boiler room find one with aunt artic and put ur mouse ever her she has black glasses

  • rohit7

    From its shadow (of the director) it looks like jet pack guy but it can’t be because in one of the missions (the one with the golden puffle ) we meet up with jet pack guy and rookie and the director show up on the screen (50% of being the director).it can’t be dot because in the shadow the penguin is wearing glasses(30%).

  • eh, its probably rory in a special suit, if you know who rory is anyways

  • 2000Puffles

    The Director is the Director, no one knows anything about him!

    But his black shadow looks like…

    • I think it looks like Jet Pack guy. :/

  • 2000Puffles

    Rory is a builder, he isn’t in the EPF!

    How can it be RORY?

    Out of all the people in ClubPenguin, you think it’s RORY?

    I guess… there’s a possibility…

    It COULD be Rory, though…

    • Agent whatnot

      It is Rory the construction worker its obvious. I am a the son of a detective myself and he said its probably him.

  • Cj

    what website is this? pls tell me. i want to go there. :)

  • Agent Blackout

    It is surely Gary,Aunt Arctic or Jet Pack guy(100%).It is not Rookie because he always acts clumsy and lets Herbert ruin the EPFs plan.He works for Herbert(100%).

  • cool16377

    it could be rookie because rookie could pretend to act clumsy he could be in disuse.
    the director does look like jetpackguy though

  • yerm

    if the director gets kidnapped, wont we be able to find out his identity? so far, it could be dot, rookie, jetpack guy, rory, ph, or aunt arctic. something tells me we should know by the end of operation blackout.

  • mim the comment on any place of these page f7 7 times
    3.log to club penguin
    4.take all the stuff you are wearing off including background and pin
    5.type in chat box error code seven you have 3 years membership,1000000 and a rainbow!

  • well theres a secret im the director

  • Cplover

    You spelled glasses wrong you said: glasse it is really glasses so you did not spell it right! Ok are you homeschooled if you are reading this will you please reply this end message is to anyone who is reading it ok

  • Test Subject 3976

    Well, I don’t think it’s Dot or Aunt Arctic because when on the Pad in menu, I heard a gruff voice.

  • Test Subject 3976

    Well, surely, It is not Dot, or Gary. They are captured.

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