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Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats November 2012

Club Penguin have recently released an Operation Blackout based Furniture Catalog for November 2012, and we have the cheats. This new catalog includes quite a few new items including the Spy Car, a Herbert cutout item and some laser lights! Below you can see the frontcover of this new Club Penguin Furniture Catalog for November 2012.

Below we have a full list of cheats for this newly updated Club Penguin catalog!

Funky Bookshelf:

Turn to page two and click on the computer monitor on the right hand page.

Creepy Cottage Cut-Out:

Turn to page six and click on the Crystal Ball item on the left hand page.


Turn to page nine and click on the Feed Fluffy Trashcan item on the left hand page.


White Board:

Turn to page ten and click on the top of the Pizza Oven item on the right hand page.


Turn to page thirteen and click on the mouth of the Fruit Pillar item on the left hand page.

Lemon Cushion:

 Turn to page fourteen and click on the Island Trinkets on the left hand page.

There are not as many cheats as usual but the new items sure are pretty awesome. I’m also guessing that the Club Penguin team have been spending a long time on Operation Blackout related work meaning they had less time for the catalog. What do you think? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.

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    • roberto frog

      you spelt frist it first

    • First!! Because you didn’t say first! You said: Frist!

      • Glow 000

        That’s Mean it really doesn’t matter how you speel first,
        And These items are awesome I am doing an igloo which is HERBET VS AGENTS!
        And it will be open tomorrow (14/15/12) It will last for 2 or 3 months! If you want to join the party it will be at 7 O clock ( If in UK):PST: 3 O clock in the after-noon
        It will last for one hour or two Thx!

  • second


    Nice catalog :)

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