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Club Penguin: Herbert’s Own Website

Herbert P Bear, the biggest threat to the Club Penguin island at this time, has recently tweeted about his website and how it is his favorite of them all. On Herbert’s website, an image alike the one we posted last week is displayed, however this time the “To Capture” list has been filled in.

The five primary members of the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force that Herbert wants to capture are listed on the “To Capture” list on his website.

  • Agent G – Gadget Guy
  • Dot – EPF Stealth Lead
  • Agent Rookie – FOOL
  • Jet Pack Guy
  • The Director

Oh no, if we have Gary the Gadget Guy captured first, we will have little chance to succeed in Operation Blackout, and Herbert shall get what he wants!Right now there isn’t much on Club Herbert, however we’ll have to keep an eye out for anything he releases on there…

What do you think about Herbert’s website? What do you think we should do in order to stop Operation Blackout when it arrives? Be sure to comment below with your awesome suggestions seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.

18 comments to Club Penguin: Herbert’s Own Website

  • 1st!

  • Jaffa99

    Second and CP patched the buddy list glitch that allowed you to add mascots.

  • I think he should be after that pesky penguin(your Penguin) first then everyone else. Also maybe the director will be revealed and he will not get away with this while I am around.

  • Noticed!If you look closely at the top of the screen at the frame,buisnesmoose is there!So not just one mascot is there!

  • I mean when they enter the mansion

  • yerm

    in the newspaper, g explained his invention he created to block out the sun. if g is gone, then herbert will easily be a able to steal it

  • Jnk9

    Um I think G is going to catch first then Rookie then Dot then Jet Pack Guy then D


  • I suggest we try to get rid of the site because the site could be herbert’s key to all the information about Club Penguin so in the mean time ALL AGENTS GO ON HERBERT’S SITE AND TRY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 😀

    • Karrie1033

      man, i think we should keep an eye on it, but not get rid of it. it’s our only chance to see what herberts planning!

  • gert487

    ok really whoah

  • Gadget guy, Sun glasses McJetpack,, Mr. Clown, Spot, Mr. Movie directer, and pesky penguin (your penguin) you will never stop me or foil my latest plan which I call: OPERATION BLACKOUT. I will block the sun! MWAHAHAHA! -Herbert

    • Nah who cares if herbert do blackout on cp. We STOP him as ALWAYS like in hibernation. Still your fake man!!!!!! And others put there gary,director, rookie, ur still fake and they are UNnoticed that there is blackout

  • Shadow

    Dudes, if herbert will block the sun there’s no effect to CP right ? Even he write “Enjoy it before i destroy it” how can he enjoyed without sun ? All this times he was trying to make cp hot, without sun how can he enjoyed it ? I dunno, but looks like operation blackout gonna be a bit hard cuz G was captured or maybe we could hack the device

  • we must stop Herbet or the island will be no more


  • Uh oh Herbert is planning to capture me.

  • Swancakes84


  • Swancakes84

    We stopped herbert and next time he schemes to make us fat and tired is NEVER!

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