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Club Penguin Membership Unlockable Items

As we’ve heard for a while now, Club Penguin will be making a system where you can unlock items by purchasing a membership. I have some of the items that you will be able to unlock below, and something different at the end.

Snow Blower

Happy Birthday Hat

Snowstorm Suit

Blue Hip Hop Hoodie

Pink Hip Hop Hoodie

Blue Hip Hop Hoodie

Now for the special and different part. There are 2 items that have changed from in game to unlockable, and those are the Tricorn Hat and the Jetpack. These items may be available in a future Club Penguin magazine issue. We have already gotten the code for the Tricorn Hat.

35 comments to Club Penguin Membership Unlockable Items

  • CD


  • 123kitten1

    I can’t wait for the jet pack code! Then I can look like Jet Pack Guy.

    • Yeah! Me Too! I unlocked everything else from
      HERBERTS REVANGE, Since if you upload coins to your penguin,
      You get awesome costumes with it too! I just need the awesome
      jet pack…. And im the amazing Jet Pack Guy! Eye in the Sky!

      • im big puffle! (on cp) and ive been wondering if you give me codes ill give you some basicly we are trading codes :)

      • i had that game :( but i traded it in! ;(

    • k 20 10 2


  • if its lame that means you dont want any off the codes so dont get me mad or else coz i cant wait ethir

  • Awesome items!! Love the snow blower and happy birthday hat! And since nobody claimed it:FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tremayne2

      nobody cares if you are first noob

    • Reefsahara

      i clamed the rest of the items

  • it means if we get membership we get those items.

    • Karrie1033

      but the penguins that are already members get nothing?

  • Hey guys! Code for Tricorn Hat:

  • can not wait for the code blue Hip Hop Hoodie

  • where can we get codes?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

    • The code for the Tricorn Hat is: SOMBRERO.
      The other codes havent been released yet.

  • Holden Bmx

    No it isint, that code is for the pirate hat!!!

    • 123kitten1

      The tricorn hat is the pirate hat.

  • Somebody

    Man,The Hip Hop Hoodie is shown twice.And by the way you got these from Trainman’s Cheats ain’t you?

  • El cangurito “Blue Hip Hop con capucha” Está repetido…

  • ???

    i can’t wait for the jetpack code !!!! 😀

  • LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello, I’m Gizmo. I am the retired Club Penguin worker. ChrisDog93, I’m gonna help you with some news about Club Penguin. I have cool information about Club Penguin :) Just ask me. Oh, and I want all followers and ChrisDog93, I want you guys keep this a secret. Thanks :)

    • lol i wont by the way call m code man :) (im being mental!)

    • cp lover

      u r not the real chrisdog93 becuase well chris dog93 did not retire right the real chris dog93 somewhere <:)

  • 😛 inn a1ways m3nt@l (im officaly a n00b)

  • gracias club penguin

  • roupriech

    I like the Snowstorm Suit & the Snow Blower.

  • me encanto club penguin

  • sanysweet

    i spotted an error. u posted 2 blue hoodies

  • i will trade u give me code and i will trade u but u have to comment on this page to give them to me ok

  • cp lover

    i will trade u give me code and i will trade u but u have to comment on this page to give them to me ok got it thx

  • Hey guys i have some new ideas for the party,

  • fireball9495

    how do you get the snowblower

  • klen

    i have the hip hop hoddie blue and pink

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