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Club Penguin Membership Card Activation Page Update

It’s been awhile since Club Penguin last updated their membership page on their website, but it’s finally been updated once again. It’s now a much smoother experience when you enter your membership code in. Firstly, it asks you if you have a penguin account. If you already have accounts saved on your computer, they’ll appear. If you don’t already have a penguin, you can click on the ‘Create a Penguin’ button on the right.

If you select your penguin, a ‘Next’ button will appear. Click on it to proceed.

A pop-up will appear. This is the part where you enter your membership code and the e-mail address your used to register your penguin with.

Click on the ‘Redeem’ button, and you’ll be led to a confirmation message. It also tells you that you’ll be sent an e-mail shortly confirming your redemption.

Your membership has successfully been activated! You should receive an e-mail shortly letting you know that your membership has been redeemed and activated.

What do you think of this update? I think it’s really neat and that Club Penguin should receive a pat on the back. Leave your thoughts and comments regarding the membership page update below.

22 comments to Club Penguin Membership Card Activation Page Update

  • Warmhuddles

    first and im not getting a memebership cause my parents wont let me, and u can see a little of the code u guys crossed out.

    • Just witha ine

      My parents allowed me and i jumped all around like crazy IM SO LUCKY!!! :)

      • Warriorman13

        Can i give me a code to plz

  • Samuels8

    But it is not as obvious and easy

  • crabspider32

    But why use it? It’s not like it’s not used anyway.

    • Lee Lo Mei

      I know right? Even though that was for demonstrations only, wouldn’t they have already used it?

  • Yer but why take the code? He already used it? See what I mean?

  • josie1112

    ya i see what u mean but u can still swich the code around and get a menbership with out byeing it

  • party1118

    that would not work.

  • I’m already a Member, so tough.

  • Membership code : 3874-3294-2856-9237

  • I’m having problems with the new membership activation page . it always keep saying I need to enable cookies . I already enabled it and still it doesnt work ………… :///


  • Everytime i get a membership code and try to activate it, it keeps saying enable all cookies, But i already did that!

  • Danielle

    r u supposed to put spaces??

  • Eisha

    i have a membership code
    first come first serve
    2100 4445 0108 1018
    and add me on club penguin EishaBokhari

  • hey but that is not real code
    and please be my friend in clubpenguin blowpug

  • I need to get MemberShip!

  • Mary Hannah

    I typed in my username and password correctly, pressed log in and activate, but I was sent back to the log in and activate page. I have tried a numerous amount of times.

  • peypey5432

    The same thing happened to me. PLZ HELP!

  • :(my perrants dont allowd me:(

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