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New Club Penguin EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy

Attention agents! Each and every one of us has receive a brand new Elite Penguin Force message from Jet Pack Guy. To read this message, open up your EPF Spy Phone and click on the phone icon. In this message, Jet Pack Guy tells us that we’re doing well in the battle against the Super Villains. Take a look below:

This message reads:

Great work everyone – keep it up! These Super Villains are no match for the Elite Penguin Force!

What do you think of this message? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

16 comments to New Club Penguin EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy

  • bellai1

    Yay!I have first comment and EPF are the best

  • cool man 409


  • Masqurade152

    3rd woo Im awesome

  • zenabargie

    4th! aww I wish I was 3rd… I love third, third is awesome! 😀

  • undude

    Fifth!!!!! I wish i was 4th :) i hope the epf find herbert ps i wish they will put the music jam party not the shake it up party. I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!

    • J M S 9

      True that

    • Latios1010

      Same here I mean what is so good about shake it up.

  • join pengable

  • did you say shake it up i watch that every single day1 its fully awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 :)!

  • undude

    Who wants to vote for the shake it up party? Who wants to vote for the music jam party? VOTE NOW!!!

  • yoyo78654

    I WORK IN DA EPF. I Know Who The Director Is!!!!!!!!

    PS Its Aunt Artic

  • Undude

    I really want you guys to VOTE now!!!!!! I love club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Girish2002

    there is an awesome website called pengable

    • fgfd

      ikr pengable is awsome free membership

  • wendytran111

    then i vote for both cant pick cause i like shake it up and the music jam too!!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome :)

  • undude

    Sure wendytran111

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