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Club Penguin Blog: Puffle Trouble!

Recently, when browsing on the Club Penguin Homepage, I noticed that Club Penguin released the full video of Puffle Trouble. Herbert & Klutzy are featured on the Homepage along with three EPF Agents and some puffles. There is also a billboard of the Puffle Trouble video on the Homepage. Check it out below:

Here is the full video of Puffle Trouble:

There is also a free code for us to unlock which is EPFAgent. What did you think about this? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

8 comments to Club Penguin Blog: Puffle Trouble!

  • First comment!!!!!!!

  • its funney

  • Wow this is such an awesome video! 3rd comment! Sorry Herbert! YOUR A EPIC FAIL :{D!
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  • totelyawsome

    Fourth comment! its funney klutzy was with the puffles and the button

  • Secret

    1:40 herbert screams like a girl

  • happypinktoe

    at 1:32 notice the purple puffle with a tail and ears … please post

  • Waddles41218

    I think they put that puffle there so the Club Penguin team could see if we were still interested in their videos, just to see if we were paying attention. They stuff like that in their videos all the time.

  • Izrulz

    1. post this anywhere on this site 3 times
    2. then press F8 seven times
    3. log on to your penguin
    4. take off all the stuff your wearing including background and pin
    3. type in chat box : ERROR CODE SEVEN
    6. Now you’ve got a 3 year membership and 1,0000,000 and a rainbow puffles

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