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Club Penguin April Fools Party 2012 Cheats

The April Fools Party has started! There’s lots of things to explore at this party…lots and lots! Club Penguin has even made some new rooms for this year. Let’s check them out.

To start your April Fools journey, head over to the Snow Forts. The Box Dimension Door will only open at certain times. The most efficient way to open it is to stand right on top of the Cream Soda bottle, as shown in the picture.

Once the door is open, run right in. You will reach the heart of the Box Dimension, the place where you can open all the other rooms. There are 2 new dimensions for this party, there’s a cookie dimension (the one with the yellow), and the dimension in the middle.

There are a few free items this year. To start, let’s head into the dimension in the middle, the Fun House Dimension.

You can go into the tube, and it will make your penguin bigger, then smaller, and once you exit, back to normal. Pretty cool. Let’s head down to the bottom where you have a free item, they are the Box Shoes. Walk over to them and click “Yes” after you see the pop up. They will then pop up into your inventory.

Now, still in the Fun House Dimension, head up to the top. You will see there is another free item. It is the body part of the Box Costume. After you click “Yes” upon the pop up, it will appear in your inventory.

Now, let’s exit the Fun House Dimension. You can exit by going into the Orange puffle’s mouth. Let’s head down into the Orange Dimension (the one that is yellow). There are unfortunately no free items in this dimension, but you can still hang around!

Now, let’s exit that dimension. Exit through where it says “Exit”. Let’s head over to the Candy Dimension, the one with the ice cream icon.

There is a little April Fools shop in this dimension. You can click the blue catalog in the bottom right hand corner, or just waddle to the shop. You can buy the items on the catalog.

Let’s head out, and go to the dimension next door, the Space Dimension. It is the one with the planet icon.

Awesome! There’s also a catalog in this dimension, you can click on the blue paper in the right hand corner, or waddle to the shop.

Now, let’s head out and go to the dimension next door, the Stairs Dimension. This where you can stand upside down with your penguin. There is no free item or catalog in this dimension.

Let’s head out once again. We’ll travel to the dimension next door, the Desert Dimension.

There is a catalog in this room, you can access it by walking over to the store or clicking the blue catalog in the right hand corner of your screen.

We’ll exit and head to the dimension on the other side, the Drawing Dimension. This dimension does not have a free item or catalog.

We’ll now exit and head to the dimension next door, the Silly Place. This is just a place for jokes; it does not have a catalog or free item.

Here we have the last dimension. It is the Soda Dimension…you have to figure out the maze, get on top of the stone, and you’ll receive your last prize, the Box Hat! You’ve now completed your Box Costume.

Let us know what you think about this party in the comments.

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    Puta pene. Hmmm.. Funny.

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  • There’s one more dimension you missed!

  • skating life

    to pass the maze on the soda dimension just keep on going to the same barrel like example if you come out at one barrel go on it again and keep on doing it til you get to the prize. hope this helps

    • yeah i tried it
      it really works!!!!!

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  • hi it me ramnman be alfie417 frand plz he a member and hes 5 days old plz add him hes pro

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