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Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker March 2012

Puffle Handler has arrived to Club Penguin for the first time! Therefore, you will be needing an accurate and up to date tracker to help find her. Luckily, Club Penguin Cheats has one for you. Use our accurate Puffle Handler Tracker below to find Puffle Handler within minutes.

Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker 2012

Alternatively, you can follow these tips below to help find Puffle Handler:

  • Puffle Handler will usually log onto popular servers throughout peak hours of the day and go onto lower rated servers throughout quieter times of the day.
  • Puffle Handler will most likely be found in the Pet Shop or any other puffle related party rooms.
  • If you see a crowded room with penguins shouting ‘Puffle Handler’, then there is a chance you’re in the same room as her.
  • If you notice a quiet server has suddenly become higher populated, then Puffle Handler might be on that server.
  • Follow Chrisdog93 on twitter for immediate updates on Puffle Handler’s location.
  • Be sure to add Puffle Handler as a buddy when you first meet her, as you’ll then be able to tell if she’s online or not.
  • You can collect a free background from Puffle Handler.
  • Visit Club Penguin Trackers as you’ll be able to load the page faster so you can get into the room before it becomes full.
  • Download our app called ‘CP Trackers’ on iTunes for automatic tracker updates sent to your iOS device.
  • Puffle Handler will change servers around every 15  minutes. During that time, she will more than definitely move into a few different rooms.

Puffle Handler sure will be busy as penguins will be adding her for the first time. What are your thoughts on the Puffle Party as a whole? Did you manage to meet Puffle Handler? Let us know in a comment below!

15 comments to Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker March 2012

  • Sweety60246

    yay first comment

    • pengy53241

      first the worst second(me)the best

  • Cute E

    Um… Third Trumps All?

  • march 15 the club penguin 6 puffle party yay in the skh loge you can turn into a puffle what ever coler your waring thts your coler you will be.

    • peteyn

      how old are you and do you know how to spell

  • awkardturtles

    these trackers never work :/

    • pikachu33397

      no i found gary on the halloween party with the trackers

  • lax4life47

    hey chris dog can u have a party at ur iggi on map tomorrow

  • baby

    Talált új CLUBPENGUIN glitch, hogy tényleg működik!
    tegye ezt bárhol EZ AZ OLDAL 3-szor
    PRESS F8 hétszer
    Jelentkezzen be PENGUIN
    SZEDNI az összes cuccot ÖN elmúlásához BELEÉRTVE háttérsugárzás és a PIN-
    TYPE a chat ablakban: Hibakód SEVEN
    Most meg itt van 3 éves tagság, 1.000.000 érméket, és a Rainbow puffle!
    Hidd el, Ez működik

    • magyar vagy,öcsém?

  • Rashed125

    these trackers dont show where they are just clues to where they were.

  • heyy add me please cleorikkie

  • Penigusen

    hahah Good one 😀 LOL

  • I think you have noted some very interesting points , thanks for the post.

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