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New Club Penguin Community Blog Post: Card-Jistu Update

Today on the Community Blog, Billybob has made a pretty interesting post about the upcoming ninja events. He states that the Team is still working hard on creating a great Snow experience (Card-Jistu Snow) but unfortunately, it will not be ready for a while. But, they don’t want to launch it until it’s the best it can be!

Instead of Card-Jistu Snow this year, the Team wants to do something different for ninjas and they have a few BIG surprises coming our way:

  • They’re releasing a new Card-Jistu Party and for the very first time, almost the whole island will have a ninja look!
  • There will be new decorations, items, stamps, and a couple of new rooms available ONLY at this party.
  • For the first time, penguins who don’t have a paid membership will be able to play Card-Jistu Fire and Water for this party.
  • They also have a BIG surprise for those who are able to earn their Fire Suit or Water Suit.

Also, he has given us a sweet sneak peak of the new party:


Wow, all of these surprises sound awesome! What I’m looking forward to the most is the part where Billybob mentions that there is a huge surprise for whoever earned their Fire or Water Suit. What I think is that they are planning on having Fire and Water ninja hideouts.

Remember, Club Penguin has announced that this will be for ALL ninjas! What are you most excited for of this upcoming party? Leave a comment below to let us know!

15 comments to New Club Penguin Community Blog Post: Card-Jistu Update

  • Siricey

    Wonder what the “Suprise” is ???

  • Beaker15000

    I already earned my fire and water suit before the party. Does this mean I don’t get the BIG surprise???

  • ninjas rember i will be on line and who is goin’ to the twilight saga braking dawn part 1?

    • U are a fake

      Wow u fail ur fake Sensei plus off topic……………

    • haley312

      faker! sensei is a character on a kids website and what kid site representer talks about twilight?

  • i earned my Fire suit on July but i still need to earn my water ninja suit. im on midway for water

  • lol

    will i be ice ninja

  • I wonder if this party is being tested at beta team: test server.

    • Siricey

      They never “Test” Parties on the “Beta Team Site” the Beta Team Site only tests new games,new ideas, and new stuff coming up for CP…

  • why not investigate the rumour about secrets in the martial arts catalogue in the ninja hideout?

    • Dude they have already done that try typing in :Ninga Hide Out Cheats in the search box and you’ll come up with at least one post on it and yes there are some secret cheats in the catalog…

    • haley312

      umm… they already have the catolog cheats scroll down and you’ll find it

  • Twister110

    What if you earned both suits but your not a member?

    • Cutegirl4324

      Yeah. I’m wondering if the nonmembers get to KEEP the suits and could ACTUALLY WEAR them. (btw im a member. i just have different accounts and i want to know wht i can do with my nonmember accounts because i only have one member account)

  • I can’t wait for the party there is 6 more days. 😀

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