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Club Penguin Now Available in German!

Club Penguin has added the option to play Club Penguin in German. To play in German, click on the language select bar and click “Deutsch”.

There are twelve German servers to play on. Three of the servers are safe chat. Hopefully Club Penguin will add more servers in the future.

I think it is great that Club Penguin has finally added German to the language select list! Millions of people live in Germany, it is a very popular language. Which language do you think Club Penguin should add next?

11 comments to Club Penguin Now Available in German!

  • Polish!

  • Shams9958


  • I don’t know how to peak any language but English :p

  • latin! greek!

  • Bron July (CPCP Forums)

    I still can’t believe they haven’t released any Mandarin or Chinese Servers yet.

    The next language servers they should have are:


  • My11

    I think they should be in italian

  • Balib3

    I think they should be in Hungarian. :)

  • Balib3

    Hungarian :)

  • amiuta08

    Ich finde Rumänisch ,weil meine Cousine nicht Deutsch kann und sie spielt auf englisch und versteht ganz wenig.

  • amiuta08

    sorry i cant so good englisch.

  • Gouldingb

    hungary 😀

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